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Guest posting is unarguably the best way a writer can get their hands on a huge flux of people and test any required standard they have been willing to enhance. Writing guest posts for technology, especially in this changing time of the century is nothing but a whole dimension of content that you get exposed to and can pick from.

TecnoStory is letting people share their work with us– let them be budding writers or professionals willing to get their websites ranked – and have a share of its readers from around the world. Although few, there are strict parameters that the writers have to go through.

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Before that, we’ll share important information that’ll equip you with enough arsenal to conquer this technological writing dimension. Let’s first look at the steps that a budding writer has to go through.

  • Step-1: Writing (quality)
  • Step-2: Guest Posting
  • Step-3: Acquiring Opportunities

Writing – for Starters

If you can think, speak, and write – you are deadly, nothing can get in your way” Jordan Peterson continues “so that’s why you learn to write”.

In the early stages of writing, what you do is just pretty much put down what you have in mind about something. It is only in the later stages that you learn to write in a manner that appeals not only to your thoughts but persuades other readers and evokes the exact emotions that you intend.

The only way to see if your writing measures up to those persuasive standards is to test it out in the trenches. If there are no readers, you won’t have the feedback. Since feedback is very necessary you opt out of platforms where you get the exposure you need to be able to get readers. It’s a channel of laid-out precise steps that get you to your goal of being an impressive writer.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the second step in your journey to be an exceptional and impressive writer. Everything in anything should be done for its own sake – respecting the parameters. No matter what goal you have in your mind regarding guest posting, you can keep that in focus while moving forward in submitting your request.

Step Back, Prepare, and Rejoin

Before we head on to any other action, let’s take a step back from where we started – being able to write and form clear, concise, and elegant articles. If you are missing this crucial first step which is the ground footing of your writing career; there’s no point in getting crappy articles in front of the public when you know you’re not going anywhere extraordinary. Work on your style, tone, grammar, clarity, etc. to just name a few and get back to guest post for some traffic.

The Purpose

Above all the other things that you need to keep in your mind, most importantly, you should know why you are submitting a guest post and what other things you will get out of it.

Depending on your purpose, you could either be looking for traffic or readers. Both are the same thing; the only difference is what they’ll do upon reading your article and what you want them to do. If you are looking for traffic, you can lure them to you and although it’s not as easy as said, this purpose doesn’t age well. If you are an impressive writer, you’ll get much more than what just a normal link builder gets.

Acquiring Opportunities

The ups are pretty much incomparable to what you will be paying – and by paying, I mean the hours you put in to perfect your writing and have your persuasive voice shine. You can get in front of thousands of people, get your message across, and rank high enough for bigger firms to notice you and find you (that happens). Above all, you can get enough reputation and revenue for your site or your brand.

Guest posting provides instant feedback that would otherwise take you years to get. Valuing your work is valuing your time and wanting to invest in yourself is the luxury few mindsets can acquire – this is how you’ll be acquiring opportunities from different editors that read your top-ranking articles.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Your content must be original and relevant to the topic. You must make it accessible for readers and the comprehension should be smooth enough.
  • Your articles can only be of high quality and good English language.
  • Content can be 1000-1500 words long, although we’ll allow longer copies.
  • Your keywords should be medium-tailed.
  • To increase the accessibility you can add images, tables, infographics, headings/subheadings (must have), and good use of Bold and Italic.
  • The images you use should be owned by you or royalty-free. You can’t use images that are owned by someone else, someone’s unconsented images or your brand’s screenshots.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines should be kept in mind.
  • The readability should be optimized and proper use of headings is advised.
  • The article shouldn’t be posted anywhere else.
  • Use good internal linking after researching our prior blogs relevant to that topic and use authoritative outbound links when needed.
  • You can later use this article’s link in your future articles so make sure your content has quality.

How to Submit Your Work?

If you have evaluated your article on all the above-mentioned standards then send us the drafts at [email protected] and our editorial team will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you wrote an article before reading this; we suggest you make changes to your already done article according to the rules we have mentioned above and forward it to us.

You can include a short pitch with your drafts and include relevant images, infographics, listicles, etc. Make your content readable and accessible for everyone. Once we see you as a potential guest writer, we’ll get back to you for any changes or suggestions we have.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process is fast and will contact to you shortly after submitting your drafts. Upon receiving the draft, a team member will get in touch with you to let you know if the publication process will be beginning for your draft. The draft will be reviewed by the writers and you’ll have the link to your article soon as it is published.

Terms of Usage

By submitting your draft, you agree to the terms of usage that your article may be subjected to change in any form that we wish to increase the readability, comprehensiveness, and SEO. We would further be able to add any links and downloadable files.