Why should you tie up with a 3PL provider?

Businesses looking to streamline procedures, reduce costs, reduce risk, and save time and money have found success by outsourcing logistics. Companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of working with a 3PL provider that offers a variety of services as well! 

One Point of Contact 

Simplicity is one of the biggest advantages of bundling services in your supply chain. Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Project Logistics, Open Yard, Warehouse, and Distribution can all be provided by a single customer service representative when you need a project completed, specific orders filled quickly, or modifications made to existing goods or services. This simplicity makes it easier to complete projects quickly, accurately, and effectively.

Consistent Service Levels 

When you work with a single partner or shipping logistic company on supply chain and logistics projects, there are no unexpected service levels. You are aware of how the job will be finished, whether you are working on a large ongoing project or a short-term increase in product levels. Service levels can vary and the work is not done consistently for you or your customers if projects are handled in-house or bounced from one third-party logistics provider to another.

Improved Pricing 

When a third-party logistics (3PL) provider offers more than one service, pricing can become more effective and cost-effective across the entire supply chain. Because they know precisely when inbounds will be received, items will be picked, and trucks will arrive at their doors, full service providers can accurately price projects.


In a few different ways, working with a single 3PL provider gives the supply chain more flexibility. One of the main advantages of using a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is that you only pay for what you use and can increase or decrease the amount of handling and square footage required. You can use specific services whenever you need them by having a full-service 3PL provider manage the entire supply chain. With a full-service 3PL, you won’t have to worry about re-warehousing or switching providers if your product is picked up by a large retailer and the boxes need to be re-labeled or if online sales of your product take off and you need e-commerce fulfillment services.

Partnership Mentality 

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers strive to model partnership mentality for their customers. They want every one of their customers to have the most efficient supply chain possible, from providing excellent customer service to improving processes and coming up with new ideas! Every aspect of the product life cycle, from raw materials for pre-production to finished goods ready to move on to their final destination, benefits from working with a full-service 3PL provider.

Why should you work with a third-party logistics providers

Here are five reasons why working with a third-party logistics provider is beneficial for your business:

Save Time and Money –

Imagine the amount of time and money you can save when you choose to work with a professional 3PL provider. When you hire a reputable third-party logistics provider, there’s no need to make an investment in technology, transportation, and staff to carry out the logistics process. You don’t even need to spend on warehouse space.

Working with a 3PL provider will prevent you from making mistakes that can cost an arm and a leg. Moreover, they will let you save your valuable time because you don’t have to worry about the billing, training, staffing, paperwork and other things.

Expertise –

These companies are well aware of industry practices. They keep abreast of the latest techniques and technologies and have the ability to inventory management. They make sure the right amount of inventory is transported when you need it, where you need it.

Hiring a pro allows you to focus on your core competencies. Leave the rest to a team of experienced staff. They will give you peace of mind as your logistics needs are being taken care of trustworthy professionals.

Reduce Risks –

Allowing a professional 3PL provider handle your shipments in the most effective way is the most feasible decision you’ll make. By doing so, you’ll restrict the possibility of something going wrong along the way, which could cause a delay in your shipments.

Third-party logistics providers are those companies that deliver the goods across the globe on a daily basis. In fact, they have more experience when it comes to dealing with the complicated procedures involving customs, paperwork, timelines and so on. They’re the ones who work through the complexities to get your cargo transported to your chosen destination on time.

Increase Growth Opportunities –

Working with a 3PL provider will benefit you immensely. They can start an operation in a place, market or country where you don’t have a physical presence. Without making an investment, you don’t need to buy equipment or hire staff.

Large Resources –

Working with a professional provider gives you access to the huge network of resources as well as connections. You get access to the dedicated personnel for processing your bills. Not only do you get access to private fleets, but special contracts as well. Can it get any better than this?

Non-asset-based 3PL 

A non-asset-based 3PL ecommerce fulfilment party, also known as a Third-Party Logistics Company, can greatly benefit your business by lowering the cost and risk of implementing all of the functionality themselves. You might think that the price of a 3PL provider is a little bit more affordable than the price you already pay for that service. In order for the service provider to offer you a well-balanced package that is reasonable enough for both you and them, you should have a thorough discussion about the cost and your budget with them. 


Therefore, you must be wondering what the advantages of using a 3PL are. Mode shifting, time savings, improved management, and risk reduction are the greatest advantages of using them. We can take advantage of a third-party logistics (3PL) company’s tracking system to analyse patterns that necessitate shipment consolidation. So, these are some important reasons why so many companies are relying on 3PL providers. 

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