Which material is used for elbows?

Austenitic stainless steel has two different kinds, AUS 608 and AUS 609. Duplex steel is a kind of alloy steel, which is composed of several materials like chromium, nickel and molybdenum. Molybdenum is a nonferrous metal and it makes the steel harder.

Alloy steel is a combination of two or more kinds of materials. Carbon steel is the material used in making car bodies. Some kinds of metals are very malleable and they are used for making castings. Other kinds of metals are harder and have excellent toughness.

For example, non-ferrous metal is very hard and tough. It is the best choice for making knives, blades, cutters, scissors, nails, screws and so on. Many companies stainless steel elbow have already started to produce these items by using the nonferrous metal. Plastic is used in making injection moulded products. Injection moulding is the process by which a plastic compound is forced into a heated die.

It takes the shape of the mold cavity. Because of its characteristics of durability, non-toxicity and lightness, plastic is used in many kinds of applications, especially those involving toys and household appliances. Nonferrous alloys can also be produced by using other metals. They are alloys that contain nickel, chromium or copper.

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