Where Should An Anniversary Band Go?

The right hand’s ring finger is traditionally where the anniversary ring is shown. This jewelry item, if worn there, will complement your wedding band and engagement ring beautifully.

Alternatively, you are free to experiment with the placement of your wedding band, anniversary rings, and engagement ring on any finger. To make room for the wedding ring and future anniversary bands, some couples choose to switch the engagement ring to the left hand. Some people choose to remove all their rings except for the anniversary ring.

The decision is entirely up to you.

In search of an anniversary ring store.

Think about the wearer’s taste, as well as your own and your partner’s, while deciding on the greatest design. In this manner, the anniversary ring will serve as a reminder of your love for one another rather than just a pretty piece of jewelry. Professionals at the Diamond Registry are eager to help. To mark the milestones in your relationship, we hand-select the finest diamonds available and sell them to you at a discount.

One of the greatest advantages of selecting an affordable Engagement Ring  is that you are well-equipped to personalize the ring to your spouse.

Anniversary Rings: Three Golden Rules

By adhering to these three guidelines, you may shop for an anniversary ring with confidence.

First and foremost, emphasize contrasts or similarities.

Given that you already have a wedding band, you may choose to wear either something wholly different or something that is at least somewhat analogous to the wedding ring. Take into account your future spouse’s ring size as well to ensure a good fit.

It will take some time and effort, but it is well worth it because of how important the finished product will be. Picking the right anniversary ring means you may buy a set that looks great together and will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors whenever you go out. The two rings may then be worn together on the same finger as a meaningful and attractive combination.

What criteria should be used to choose complementary rings? That’s all there is to the visually distinguishable qualities of the many precious stones. Diamonds complement emeralds, sapphires, and rubies splendidly because of their contrasting colors. Don’t feel like you have to stick to conventional wisdom and only wear your wedding and anniversary rings on the same finger. If you do that, you’ll have greater leeway to do anything you want.

Second Rule: Pick Your Stone and Metal.

The next step in designing your anniversary ring is picking out the perfect gem and metal. In this case, your partner’s preferences will serve as your major informational resource. You might, for example, go shopping or talk about your opinions on this piece of jewelry.

Anniversary rings are a terrific gift since you and your spouse are familiar enough with one another to plan a thoughtful surprise and discuss the jewelry without feeling any unnecessary pressure.

There is a preferred gemstone and metal associated with each anniversary that is often recommended by tradition. However, you are allowed to deviate from convention and use whatever gem or metal you choose. The traditional diamond ring set in white or yellow gold is another option since it suits every finger size.

The ideal compromise is to choose a gem and metal that both of you like and that also has some meaning to your significant other. Even if your jeweler advises against it, give in to your significant other’s wishes and purchase the diamond and yellow gold ring nevertheless.

Third Guideline: Tell everyone what you’ve decided.As your relationship matures, you will begin to value surprises less and less. Because of this trend, shopping a anniversary rings may be a real challenge; you want to make sure you choose something that complements your partner’s taste and the other jewelry you both own.

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