When you read a flyer printed on glossy paper

Most businesses print their flyers using a glossy paper. They think that this will make them look more attractive, and this may be true, but it can be expensive too. The problem with glossy paper is that it will reflect a lot of light, which makes it look brighter.

When you read a flyer printed on glossy paper, the text will look sharper. However, it will also look bright and shiny, and this can make it difficult to read. High-quality matte paper can look more natural. It looks more like regular paper and less like glossy paper. When you choose matte paper, you can save money because it is cheaper.

Ink can also be an important factor when you are choosing the type of paper. Matte ink won’t show fingerprints, smudges or dust, and it is easier to clean off Flyer printing London the surface. Glossy paper shows fingerprints, smudges or dust very easily.

It is usually cleaner to clean off because the ink doesn’t come off easily. Matte ink has a matte finish, while gloss ink has a glossy finish. This means that ink applied to matte paper will stick more easily, so it is easier to print or write. You may want to choose matte ink if your flyer is printed or written on a lot.

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