What to do if your Amazon package is not delivered

Online shopping has become a convenient and popular way to buy products, with Amazon’s biggest marketplace. Despite the efficient delivery system of the company, there are many times when customers need help with Amazon delivery packages. 

It becomes an irritating process if you want to get your order quickly. If your Amazon package is not delivered on time, you can fill out the a to a z guarantee claim.

Read this article to know about the a to z guarantee claim method, to reduce the number of lost or stolen deliveries. 

A to z guarantee protection 

Suppose you buy the product from a third-party seller without an FBA guarantee. Without product shipping, a dishonest seller bills your card and gets your claim done.

Fortunately, you still have some legit options. It takes A to z amazon guarantees protection. This guarantee covers all third-party orders that are not fulfilled or delivered by Amazon. 

Requirements to make A to Z Amazon guarantee claim

There is a need to meet some specific requirements before submitting A to Z Amazon guarantee claim. First, you have to inform the seller and give 2 days to them to submit A to Z claim

If the seller does not give the answer to your queries properly, then also you can submit A to Z amazon guarantee claim. Here are some requirements you should meet to submit A to z claim

  • You still not get item 3 or 30 days beyond the delivery date
  • Your order was different from what you got in terms of quantity, quality, damage or defect
  • You return the Amazon product but do not get a refund 
  • You need to send something abroad, but sellers require an International shipping label or US address from you
  • You have to pay additional delivery costs because sellers do not properly estimate the shipping and custom costs 

How to submit A to z claim if your package is missing 

You should submit A to z claim 90 days after the estimated Amazon delivery date 

  • Move to accounts and lists 
  • Tap on your account option, and click on your orders to submit the claim
  • Tap on view/file claim after locating the order that you required to submit a claim
  • Give the explanation of your a to z claim in the first box 
  • Tap on the request refund option through A to z Amazon guarantee in another box 

You also check your claim in the Amazon payments account after making a submission. By replying to confirmation mail on Amazon, you can withdraw the claim if the seller finds a solution before issuing the claim by Amazon. Once your claim request is accepted by the Amazon seller, you can get your refund in your account 


It is a frustrating process if you do not receive your Amazon order. The best way to resolve the problem when your Amazon package is not delivered is by submitting A to z claim.

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