What is the TTYL full form? Which other internet slang are used?

Meaning of T.T.Y.L.

The TTYL full form is “talk to you later.” This basically is an abbreviation or internet slang, which is used in the digital communication these days in order to make conversation smooth. This is also known to be the Z Gen lingo. Basically, people nowadays are always in a hurry because they want to save time. Therefore, they have created these languages, so that they can save a lot of time by not typing the full form or full sentences over social media platforms. 

Usage of TTYL full form 

The term T.T.Y.L. and TTYL full form is being used by the person in the electronic communication in order to make the conversation smooth. This is majorly used by the young people and Z gen population of the world. 

The term or the internet slang T.T.Y.L. is very commonly used by the people over the digital media with the help of the mobile, laptops, etc. digital gadgets. Basically, it is majorly used on the platforms, where the technology is involved. Such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, telegram, hangouts, etc. platforms. 

People also use TTYL full form in the place of saying goodbye in digital communication. However, using the term T.T.Y.L. is considered to be more impactful and also less time consuming. The verbal communication of these types of the slang such as T.T.Y.L. is less and not preferred by the people. Verbally it can be said completely. 

TTYL full form is very commonly used now a days as people want to be more effective and impactful in terms of conversation.

List of abbreviations and internet slang

Here are some of the major and also the top 50 abbreviations and acronyms used in digital communication by people all across the globe. Have a look at the same. This is going to make your life much easier in terms of online communication with friends. You can use these abbreviations and acronyms the way you can use T.T.Y.L. in place of TTYL full form.

  1. T.T.Y.L – talk to you later
  2. A.S.A.P – as soon as possible
  3. B.R.B – be right back
  4. G.T.G – Got to go
  5. W.B.U – what about you
  6. D.M. – direct message
  7. L.M.A.O – laughing my ass off/ out.
  8. L.O.L.- laughing out loud
  9. D.M. – direct message 
  10. R.T.- re tweeting 
  11. A.M.A.- ask me anything out there
  12. H.T. – has tag
  13. I.M.H.O. – in my humble opinion 
  14. F.A.Q. – frequently asked question 
  15. T.B.H. – to be really honest
  16. I.R.L. – in the real life of the person 
  17. N.S.F.W. – not so safe for the work 
  18. T.L.T.R. – it is too long to be read
  19. G.O.A.T.- greatest of the all time
  20. D.O.P.E.- cool as well as the awesome personality 
  21. G.U.C.C.I.- good, cool, as well as the going well 
  22. O.M.G.- oh my god
  23. L.I.T.- amazing, cool, and also the exciting one of all time. 
  24. Y.O.L.O.- you only live once 
  25. F.O.M.O. – a feeling of missing out 
  26. B.R.U.H – bro or dude or the brother
  27. N.O.O.B. – A newbie in the market who does not know how to handle a particular task
  28. R.O.F.L. – rolling on the floor laughing 
  29. L.O.L. – lots of love
  30. I.M.O – in my opinion 
  31. P.F.A – please find attachments 
  32. T.B.D. – to be discussed
  33. E.O.D – end of the day.
  34. L.M.A.O – laughing my ass off
  35. L.M.A.O. – laughing my ass out
  36. P.F.B. – please find below
  37. B.C. – Because 
  38. B.T.W. – by the way
  39. C.Y.A.- see ya
  40. F.T.W. – for the win
  41. F.W.I.W.- for what it is worth
  42. I.D.K. – I do not know
  43. I.L.Y. – I love you 
  44. J.K. – just kidding
  45. L.M.K.- let me know
  46. N. B. D.- no big deal
  47. O.T.O.H.- on the other hand
  48. T.M.I.- too much information 
  49. T.H.X..- thanks
  50. S.O. – significant other


Here are a few examples of using the TTYL full form. Have a look.

  1. I am very tired today. I will T.T.Y.L.
  2. My phone’s battery is about to die, will Talk to you later.
  3. I will T.T.Y.L. regarding the same thing again.
  4. I hope you will not mind if I will T.T.Y.L.
  5. I am busy right now. T.T.Y.L. bye.
  6. I am leaving the place now. I will T.T.Y.L. 

Though, there are many more ways and forms of using the TTYL full form and other abbreviations as well. 

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Is the TTYL full form still used?

The TTYL full form is not used now commonly, because everyone prefers to use the short forms only. In the case of talk to you later, T.T.Y.L. is the word or the term, which is used. 

How T.T.Y.L. is formed?

Basically, the term T.T.Y.L. or any of the other acronyms or internet slang is based on the initialism concept. This concept says that we have to take the initials of all the words and make a short form for the same. The same is the concept of T.T.Y.L.

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