What is the Healthy Nail Polish?

Painting nails is something every girl likes to do. Having beautiful nails will always make you feel good all day, so how much do you know about healthy nail painting FragrancesCosmeticsPerfumes.com Discount Code NHS 


  1. Cheap nail polish, try to buy as little as possible, many low-quality nail polish will affect your health, if you can, try to choose nail polish from a trusted brand
  2. Usually, try to choose a lighter color nail polish to apply. The darker the nail polish is, the more toxic it is. Although the toxicity of nail polish is not said to be life-threatening, if the exposure is large, the accumulation will still affect health.
  3. You should not buy nail polish that has a particularly pungent smell that you can’t bear. If you are allergic, applying nail polish will cause you to be allergic.
  4. Don’t paint your nails often, the best interval is once a week, and try not to paint nail polish within a week, let the nails breathe for a day or two.
  5. Try to paint your nails in an open place with good ventilation. Try not to paint your nails in a narrow space, so that the whole space is full of the smell of nail polish
  6. For beautiful eyebrows who often use nail polish, I suggest that you apply a layer of better quality primer before applying nail polish. One is to isolate the nail polish from the nails, and the other is also to play a protective role.
  7. Pregnant women are prohibited from wearing nail polish. Ordinary nail polish will emit a particularly pungent smell, which may cause miscarriage in severe cases.

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How to choose nail polish

Most people like to wear nail polish, but choose a nail polish that smells bad


  1. The most obvious feature of a good nail polish is that it has no smell. Frequent use of smelly nail polish is prone to formaldehyde poisoning Perfume Click Discount Code NHS 
  2. Secondly, it depends on the drying speed, the fast drying is a good nail polish
  3. If possible, unscrew the brush and look at the brush. If the application is smooth, it is a good brush. The quality of the brush determines the uniformity of the color
  4. For light-skinned people, choose a wide range of nail polishes, which can be deep or light; for darker-skinned people, it is best to choose dark-colored nail polishes, which can make your hands look fresh and clean.
  5. If the skin is darker, the whitening series include: sapphire blue, chocolate, wine red, grape red, pink orange, black currant, bright red, deep red, retro pink, bean paste red, and date red These are all powerful whitening.
  6. If you want to make your fingers look more natural or have a healthy luster, you can choose a nail polish that is close to the skin tone in the middle red, light pink or translucent to achieve this texture.

What nail polish can be used for

Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and increase the beauty of nails, so what else can nail polish be used for? Let’s take a look together.


  • nail polish


  1. Coat the metal decorations on the bag with clear nail polish to prevent scuffing.
  2. Coat the buttons with clear nail polish to prevent threading.
  3. Use the same color nail polish to coat the shoe wiring to prevent damage.
  4. Coat the umbrella ribs with clear nail polish to prevent rust.
  5. Coat the end of the thread with clear nail polish to make it easier to thread the needle.
  6. Coat the screws on the glasses with transparent nail polish to prevent loosening.
  7. Coat the damaged stockings with clear nail polish to prevent spreading.

A new way to play nail polish

Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and increase the beauty of nails, so what else can nail polish be used for? Let’s take a look together

  • nail polish
  • old light bulb
  1. Wrap the iron wire around the pen a few times to make a flower pattern, then stick different colors of nail polish on it, let it dry, cut it off and stick it on the clip, it is a beautiful hair clip
  2. Pour water into the basin, add different colors of nail polish, dip the bulb in it, and you will have a colored bulb
  3. Put the pads on the paper, paint on the nail polish, draw your favorite style, put on the rope and you will have free accessories.

The magical effect of nail polish

Many girls who love beauty have nail polish in various colors, but the use of nail polish is far more than just painting nails. Don’t throw away the nail polishes you don’t like, they are good materials for handmade

  • Assorted nail polish
  • cotton swab
  • clear glass
  • Chopsticks
  • key
  • shoe
  • jewelry
  • issue card
  • Decorate the glass. Pour out a little nail polish, sharpen the tip of the cotton swab, dip in the nail polish, carefully dot it on the bottom of the transparent glass, densely dot it like a picture, and hang it upside down to dry. Isn’t the cup more beautiful and lovely than before
  • Decorate the chopsticks. Wrap the chopsticks with adhesive tape about 3-4cm from the upper end. The same pair of chopsticks should be wrapped in the same position. Then use the upper end of the chopsticks to directly dip into the nail polish bottle to dip in the nail polish. Do not cover the nail polish with the tape. After drying Just remove the tape. Use different colors to decorate, so that everyone will have their own chopsticks in the future.
  • Similarly, nail polish can also be used to distinguish keys. Paint the key handle in a different color, which is beautiful and easy to distinguish!
  • It can also add a touch of bright color to the monotonous hairpin
  • Broken shoes can also be repaired with the same color nail polish
  • In hot summer, bright jewelry is more suitable for beautiful skirts. Nail polish can also help you refresh your jewelry

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