What Are the 5 Major Reasons Businesses Buy .in Domain in India?

A domain name is the first impression to the audience of your business website. Choosing the right domain name improves the credibility of the website. The domain name defines your business or it is an online identity. However, selecting an appropriate Domain name can impact your business expansion. In India, businesses register a .in Domain Names to promote them as Indian Businesses to the whole world. Moreover, it also helps them to expand their business.

In India, Businesses Owners Buy .in Domain Name to set up their websites as well as get a professional email address. So it can improve branding. There are many types of domain extensions available. But businesses still Register a .in Domain in India over the top Domain extension. 

There are many reasons why businesses choose .in extension, but in this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons for choosing it. So before selecting a suitable .in extension, let’s understand the reasons.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Buy .in Domain Name in India?

  • Better Local Rankings

As .in extension is India’s official TLD it is going to improve your website’s local ranking. Suppose you are searching for some services in India, most likely you will experience the Indian site on the first page. This is because .in Extension is used by Indian companies, it easier for businesses to reach local audiences efficiently.

Indian audiences prefer to buy services or products from the local audience. .in Extension attracts more users and gives more reach and exposure to local audiences in India.

  • Enhance Brand Value in The Indian Market

Business Buy .in Domain Name for enhancing brand value in the Indian domestic market. This is the prime reason why businesses in India Register .in Domain. No matter whether you own a small business or a small business, your audience needs to know that your business is established in India. 

  • Create an Impactful And Memorable Brand

.in can easily impact your brand value. For example, Jaipurcraft(.)in sounds better than Jaipurcraft(.)com. This is because it’s short and memorable. Moreover .in simply defines that your business is an original Indian Company. Business Buy .in Domain Name because it gives them and competitive edge in the Indian Market.

  •  Buy Desired .in Domain Name

Every business owner wants to Buy a desired domain name. There is no question that it will increase business brand value and improve credibility in the eyes of the audience. Most of the time desired domain name is already taken. But as .in Domain is not competitive as .com or other TLDs. There is a high chance that you can choose a compact and precise Desired .in Extension for your business website.

  • .in Comes a Cheap Price Than .com

This is a fact that the .com extension is the oldest domain name in the world. The popularity of the .com domain is very high. This means competition will be also very high. This popularity increases the cost of ownership of the .com Domain Name. While .in extension is available for Indian Businesses, the competition is very low. .in Domain Price in India is Cheap as compared to .com Domain

7 Simple Tips to Select a Suitable .in Domain Name

7 Simple Tips to Select a Suitable .in Domain Name

Now you must understand why businesses in India Buy .in Domain Name. Domain Extension is the online address of your business. It can make or break your identity on the internet. So before Registering a .in Domain, first let’s understand the 7 simple hacks to Select The Suitable Domain Name for your business website.

Research Well

One of the most important things is to research your domain name wisely. If you want to keep yourself secure from legal issues and conflicts over domain names, then research well. For example, before selecting any .in extension look for two things;

  • Do not use the Domain name which is already used
  • Do not use the Domain name which is trademarked

It Should be Easy to Spell

It is really important that .in extension should be easy to spell. Domain Name should not contain any hard-to-remember words or unnatural combinations of words. using these words makes it hard for your audience to remind your domain name and increases the chances of misspelling.

Select Brandable Words

As you know Domain extension is the online image of your business to the audiences. So it is highly important that the domain name needs to be memorable and stands out from the competition

Make it Short

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your domain name should be simple and short as possible. A short domain name is easy to type, call out and remember.

Do Not Use Numbers or Hyphens

To make your Domain Name user-friendly do not use Hyphens and Numbers. It is advisable that you should not use any words that are hard to remember. If you use hyphens or numbers in the domain name, the pronunciation can be misunderstood and most time spelling will be unclear.

Use Your Keywords

Using keywords in The Domain name is the best way to get higher rankings. Use the keywords that define your business and what are the services and products you offer.

Think About Your Long-Term Growth

When you register a .in Domain extension, you are going to use it for the years to come. It will become your business identity. Always choose a name that will define your business, not services or products. So in the future, if you want to add new services you can add them. You don’t need a new domain name or you don’t need to start from scratch. You can use this domain extension for long-term growth.


Having a .in Domain for your business website helps you to get a solid position in the Indian Market. No matter you own a small business or a big business it is going to help you. Businesses in India go for .in Domain Registration because it improves Local Rankings, and the Brand Value of the Website, and make a memorable brand. And the most Important .in Domain in India comes at a cheap price as compared to top TLDs.

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