What are some of the best twitch adblock extensions?

This can be regarded as a very popular question among a lot of people who use Twitch on a regular basis. As we all know, the advertisement intrusions can be regarded as extremely irritating and none of us want to face it while using Twitch. So, here we will be discussing in detail about some of the best twitch adblock extensions that are currently available. These extensions can be regarded as extremely beneficial and they are efficient in preventing these advertisements from popping up now and then. Now, most of us might have a clear idea regarding what the twitch is. It is extremely popular and thousands of people use it for various purposes. But at the same time, there might be some people out there who are hearing this term for the very first time. So, a brief overview regarding twitch can be considered as very necessary. 

For those who don’t know, twitch is an American video live streaming service. It mainly focuses on video game live streaming This includes broadcasts of esports competitions. Apart from this, it also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. This platform is operated by Twitch Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. The users can view the content on the site either live or via video on demand. In addition to that, the games on Twitch’s homepage are listed according to the audience preference. These include genres such as real-time strategy games (RTS), fighting games, racing games, and first-person shooters. Hence, it is evident that extensions which help in preventing advertisement intrusions are indeed very important. They will definitely make the platform more interesting. So, let’s take a look at some of these extensions in detail. 

Video Ad-Block For Twitch

This can be regarded as a very popular twitch adblock extension and it is available for Chrome and Firefox. This advertisement blocker works by replacing ads with a temporary video stream of the channel you are viewing. This video will be of low resolution, usually between 1080p and 480p. Thereafter as the ads end, the extension disengages and the quality of the channel’s stream returns to normal. Thus, this extension can be regarded as very efficient. It is extremely popular now-a-days because it works to block pre-roll and mid-roll video advertisements. Thus, the users will not have to miss any of their favorite content producer’s streams. An advantage of this advertisement blocker is that it doesn’t have a reputation for doing anything nefarious, such as harvesting user data. Hence, the users who want guaranteed privacy and online security in addition to Twitch ad blocking can definitely use this extension. But at the same time, the users should keep one thing in mind. This extension is often targeted by Twitch. This means that it may not always work seamlessly and sometimes might go offline while its developers fix it. Thus, these are some of the essential features of the Video Ad-Block For Twitch. 

TTV LOL twitch adblock extension

The TTV LOL can be regarded as an efficient extension that is very good at blocking Twitch advertisements. This extension works by proxying M3U8 playlist files. Hence, it enables the Twitch channel streams to play without any sort of interruptions. Because of this reason, the users love this extension. It is so popular and effective that it can be regarded as the best ad blocker. But at the same time, this extension has certain disadvantages too. In May of 2021, it was found out that TTV LOL had been leaking users’ Twitch IDs and IP addresses. This caused stress in a lot of users and they became confused regarding whether to use this extension or not. This issue has not yet been resolved. But, despite this, the TTV LOL extension is fully functional and can block both pre-roll and mid-roll ads. Thus, it is appropriate to say that the users should keep all these things in mind and decide if they want to use this extension. The extension is extremely useful in blocking all sorts of advertisements. But, if you value privacy more, then you can definitely try alternate options. 

Purple Ads Blocker

This can also be regarded as one of the best twitch adblock extensions. This has long been a favorite among a lot of Twitch users because of its ability to block ads without incurring the dreaded purple screen error. The Purple Ads Blocker extension is available for both Chrome as well as Firefox. In addition to that, the users can download the code from Github if they want to. This popular ad-blocker works by proxying Twitch playlist files via an intermediary server in a country where Twitch has no ads. Thus, this enables the video streams to play uninterrupted. But, at the same time, the users should keep in mind that this ad-blocker only works on the official Twitch site. In addition to that, the Purple Ads Blocker extension clearly states in the Google Play store that it does not harvest any sort of user data. This extension is also open source. Thus, the users can trust that it is doing the things that the developer claims. In addition to that, the developer also states that you should use the extension at your own risk. 

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Thus, from our discussion of this topic, it can be concluded that there are a number of extensions that can be regarded as the best twitch adblock extensions. Here, we have discussed in detail about three of them. These include Video Ad-Block For Twitch, 

TTV LOL extension, and Purple Ads Blocker. All of them are extremely efficient in preventing advertisement intrusions while using Twitch. We have given a detailed overview of these extensions along with their pros and cons. Thus, this discussion can be regarded as extremely beneficial for all those who are confused regarding which extension to use. At the same time, it is highly recommended that they go through all the essential features, advantages, and disadvantages of these extensions before selecting a particular one. This will help them to select the best option as per their requirement.

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