Understanding the Background of Computer Data Storage

The methodology and hardware used by a computer to store data for future operations comprise data storage elements. The computers provide output data, but the users themselves provide the input data. Computer science students need to be aware of data storage’s different types and elements. While writing their academic projects, they seek the help of an assignment help service.

History of Data Storage Devices

To understand the process of current storage devices, it is necessary to learn about the history of storage devices used in computers.

  • Punch Card: Punch cards were the earliest known form of computer data storage. The punch card is a piece of paper that has digital storage in the form of punched holes in the card present in the predefined positions.
  • Magnetic tape disc storage: They comprised a string of magnetic tapes that store the computers’ digital data. The low maintenance cost made it a widely used storage medium for a computer. Due to its reliability, it is still used as a backup drive in computers.
  • Floppy Disk: Floppy disk was one of the first forms of removable storage device that could transfer relevant data from one computer to another. They comprise a thin, flexible device of magnetic strings enclosed by a plastic medium. Before introducing other forms of storage, it was the most widely used form of computer storage medium. The data in the floppy drive was sufficient to install small software program installation packages.
  • Compact Disc:  It is a disc in which stored digital data can be accessed when exposed to the optical laser. It is perhaps the most used form of data storage. The popularity of compact discs gave birth to different forms of entertainment platforms such as digital music players, video game consoles and video players. With the help of a compact disc, a person could store large amounts of data as a backup the disc.
  • Flash Drive: They are the disk drive that uses flash storage to store the data digitally. The size of a pen drive is comparable to a key chain. Due to its small size and ability to store gigabytes of data, it is the most common form of offline data storage used in computers and other entertainment devices.
  • Cloud Computing: The rise in popularity of computer networks such as the internet led to the rise of cloud storage systems. With the help of cloud storage, an individual can store and access the data with the help of a computer network and does not need to store the data virtually. Various online streaming platforms use cloud computing concepts to store and broadcast data.

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