Tourist Visa for Canada from India

Indians require a Canada Tourist Visa from India to travel to Canada. It is also known as the TRV – Temporary Resident Visa. The Visitor Visa has two categories:

Single Entry Canada Visitor Visa

The Single Entry Visa authorizes the overseas traveler to arrive in Canada only once.

Multiple Entry Canada Visitor Visa

Multiple Entry Visa authorizes the overseas traveler to arrive in Canada any number of times till the Visa remains valid.

You are not required to select the category of Visa for the application. Applicants are by default assessed for Multiple Entry Visas and are offered Single Entry Visas only under exceptional conditions.

Documents necessary to apply for Tourist Visa for Canada from India

Application Form

All applicants are required to accurately fill out and file the Tourist Visa application form.

Document for Identity

You have to provide a color copy of your Passport. It includes the Bio-data page that includes all the personal details and any page that has Visa stamps or any markings.

Family Information

Every Visitor who is aged more than 18 years has to submit Form IMM5645 – Family Information Application. The form is used for deciding if the applicant can be approved for the Tourist Visa or not.


You have to provide 2 photographs with dimensions of 35mmX45mm that must have been taken in the last 6 months. The photos must have plain white or any light color in the background.

Account Statement

The applicants are required to offer the details of their account for the last 6 months including the name of their bank, contact, and available balance. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada assesses if the applicant is monetarily stable to arrive in Canada through this document. 

Travel Itinerary

Overseas Travelers are required to provide the details of their flight and accommodation that will help IRCC to understand their stay in Canada.

Travel History

You have to offer copies of previous or current Visas, exit or entry stamps, or previous Passports. It serves as evidence that you were qualified to receive Canada Visa previously.

Use of Representative

If your application form has been filled by a family member or third party, you have to fill the Form 5476 – Use of Representative Form.


A letter that endorses the minor to arrive in Canada along with any other document has to be provided if the traveler is a minor. If the minor is a child, the required documents vary based on if they are traveling alone or with a relative or a Parent.

Canada Visitor Visa Application Steps


Decide if you have to file the application through paper or online.

Step 2

Arrange all the necessary documents that prove your eligibility for Canada Tourist Visa.

Step 3

Fill out the Visitor Visa form accurately and provide all the specified documents.

If you are filing the application online, you must create an account on the IRCC website by providing your e-mail id and code received.

If you are filing the application offline, you have to send the application to your nearest VAC – Visa Application Center.

Step 4

You have to pay the Visa application fees through a Debit or Credit card using VISA, American Express, Union Pay, Master Card, or JCB for filing the form.

Step 5

Provide your biometrics at the nearest VAC.

Step 6

After you get the approval for your application you have to submit the Passport.

Step 7

You will be provided a Unique Tracking Number for tracking the status of your Tourist Visa Application.

Majority of the Indian travelers are allowed to remain for six months in Canada on a Visitor Visa. However, the Border Service Officer can approve a period of fewer than 6 months for the Tourist Visa. The expiry date will be specified on the Passport in this case.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time from India

The standard processing time for Canada Tourist Visa from India is around 14 days. It does include the time required for transmitting the application from a VAC to the office. This also does not include the time needed for offering biometrics.

The specific Canada Visa processing times will be updated on the IRCC website.

Extending a Canada Visitor Visa

If a Canada Visitor Visa holder needs an extension for their stay in Canada, they have to file an application for a Visitor Record prior to the expiry of their Visitor Visa.

The Visitor Record permits the visitor to remain in Canada for an extended period and specifies the fresh expiry date. It however does not assure that the visitor can re-arrive in Canada after exit.

If you wish to apply for a Canada Tourist Visa from India, contact ICCRC-accredited Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas. You are assured of a flawless and fully-compliant application for Tourist Visa.

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