Top Food Delivery Service App In USA

With the ease of internet food delivery, dining out has given way to eating at home. By enabling us to eat out while relaxing in the comfort of our own homes, food delivery services have increased the convenience of dining out. The meal delivery sector in the US has increased as a result of the rise in the number of food delivery apps. It is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 9.9% by 2023.

As more people use food delivery apps, businesses are taking advantage of this potential market opportunity. To suit the evolving needs of the public, they are launching meal delivery services with distinctive value propositions.

Which Apps In The USA Offer The Best Food Delivery Services?

In this article, we’ll discover more about the top ten food delivery apps in the US as well as their specialized markets. You can work with a food delivery app development company to realize your idea if you are a food business owner interested in establishing an app.


One of the most popular food delivery apps in the US is this one. More than 50,000 restaurants in more than 1,100 cities offer local meal delivery and takeout through Grubhub. It is the fifth most widely used meal delivery app in the country. It enables users to look for their preferred cuisine and then sort restaurant menus using the results of their search.

The app provides more than 50,000 eateries to pick from with a customizable search procedure. Customers of Grubhub can place orders up to four days in advance. The primary features include, among others, support for Android Pay, PayPal, and basic search.

Some businesses might impose a delivery fee or decline to fulfill orders over a certain amount since the app is free to download.


The most widely used meal delivery app in the US is Doordash. More than 1,200 cities in the United States and Canada have it. It is the most downloaded application in the United States, with more than 7 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019. With over 110,000 meals, the app claims to provide the widest assortment of chain restaurants.

Customers can subscribe to DashPass for $ 9.99 per month, which includes free delivery and reduced shipping expenses. What distinguishes this app is its scoring methodology. Restaurants can be rated by users based on criteria including popularity, delivery speed, and client feedback. Customers can utilize the rating system to identify the best eateries in their neighborhood. Additionally, users get real-time access to meal delivery tracking.

Although there is no minimum order quantity with DoorDash, the service cost is expensive and rises during busy times. Despite this, users of the app appreciate it because of the quick delivery, ongoing tracking, and superior service.


The second-most downloaded app in the US is UberEats. It is renowned for its simplicity of use and navigation, and it covers more than 500 cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago. Users can order meals using their Uber profile through UberEats, which was launched alongside the cab app Uber. The software is available for both rural and urban locations.

UberEats typically charges a $ 5 minimum order amount plus a 10% shipping fee, with discounts for consumers’ preferred eateries. Accept grocery store and restaurant deliveries. Additionally, users can filter results by cuisine type, ethnicity, dietary requirements, and UberEats news in your area.


The meal delivery and pick-up app that discovers your use case can deliver anything from more than 10,000 different restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments. available in more than 3,000 cities throughout all 50 U.S. states. Users are only able to place orders that are based on their location because the app doesn’t work with eateries.

Each order is subject to a shipping fee from Postmates, which is based on Blitz pricing and rises during busy times. It furthermore provides a $ 10 monthly Plus Unlimited package that allows free delivery from a constrained selection of retailers and eateries, but the minimum order must be more than $ 15.


Users may get groceries, food, wine, and even dry cleaning with this Postmates-like food delivery app, which is accessible in over 100 American locations. The restaurant may charge a delivery fee or impose a minimum order requirement; the application, however, is free to use.

Users on receive points for each order they place, which they may then use to get deals or free shipping. By rating everything and suggesting restaurants or meals based on the user’s previous orders, the app makes it simple for users to browse.


If you need meals delivered the same day, try the Instacart clone app. If you use the program and have a shopping list, everything is delivered to you in an hour. The app also offers a one-year subscription for $150, and the delivery cost is approximately $6 each order.

Instacart delivers groceries, wine, and other household goods in addition to providing consumers with discount coupons. Instacart is one of the best on-demand grocery delivery services out there.


GoPuff is a delivery app that ships snacks, ice cream, beverages, phone chargers, and other items in more than 80 American cities. It is a digital convenience store with a significant presence in Midwest and South American cities in the US.

GoPuff charges $2 for shipping, which seems like a reasonable amount. Customers can establish an app with a wish list of goods they might like to reorder in the future and use the app to search for products by name or brand. You can reserve items and pick them up freshly at a predetermined time.


Unlike other food delivery apps, ChowNow operates in a distinctive way. While users place orders using the app, it gives restaurants digital ordering facilities to handle orders directly on their website. It allows customers to find restaurants depending on their area or preferred cuisine.

New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, and Seattle are just a few of the US cities where ChowNow is accessible. The delivery charge will vary based on where the order is delivered because the app collects fees from eateries.


Customers can order meals from a variety of establishments using the American food delivery app Caviar Caviar. More than 20 sites across the nation carry it.

Caviar delivery charges can cost up to 18% of the whole order and depend on how far the customer’s location is from the restaurant. The software lets users personalize their orders, track them in real time, and receive free delivery on their first order.


GrubHub-owned With a straightforward ordering method and a speedy food delivery service, Seamless has been around for over 20 years. It’s possible that the app won’t be available in smaller towns because it’s targeted at big cities like New York and Los Angeles. The user of the app can order food using the app and have it delivered to their home. To keep competitive, the app also provides intriguing coupon coupons for well-known cafes and restaurants.

In its app, Seamless features thousands of cafes and restaurants, the majority of which have no shipping costs. Customers can search for restaurants based on cuisine or food, and they can follow orders in real time.


The advent of mobile app development has changed every business, including the food industry. The greatest app development business can help you achieve your goals if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who wants to make a similar app.

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