Top 5 Rules for Selecting the Best Hand Pallet Truck Supplier

Pallet hand trucks are a game changer for lighter warehouse operations. One costly mistake made by warehouse managers comes from choosing the wrong supplier for their business needs. It is crucial to take time and learn about pallet truck suppliers to gauge whether they are the right choice.

Hand pallet trucks are manually operated and are easy to use in any situation. With proper guidance, employees will find these tools more reliable for daily activities without much strain. Without further ado, here are five rules warehouse managers must follow when looking for a pallet truck supplier.

1. Assess the Industry Reputation of the Supplier

Material handling equipment manufacturers with a good reputation always get the most business. Reputation shows that their products are of high quality and reliable. A pallet truck trolley supplier with a clean track record is ideal for finding the best solutions.

These suppliers offer various support services, including consultation and maintenance. A reputable supplier is knowledgeable about products that align with warehouse operations. Alternatively, the years of operation of a supplier also determine how well they are in offering services.

A supplier with decades of providing material handling equipment promises better services than one with less than ten years of experience. Besides, experience shows that the supplier knows the industry and the best solutions for specific warehouses.

2. Check for Maintenance and Repair Services

Due to constant wear and tear, all warehouse material handling equipment will need repair and maintenance. Warehouses need access to OEM products for quality replacements. When sourcing new hand pallet trucks, it is crucial for warehouse operators and managers to consider available repair and maintenance plans.

A maintenance plan ensures the replacement of parts per the schedule, following the right procedures. In addition, during maintenance, the supplier will send expert technicians to fix damaged parts. This service saves the company and operators time because they can focus on other productive areas.

3. Consider Additional Material Handling Equipment

Warehouse activities involve moving loads from one point to another, including up and down the storage units. Even after getting hand pallet trucks, the warehouse would need additional equipment to streamline operations. They must look into their product line when searching for a supplier.

This process guarantees warehouse managers of reliable and high-quality equipment when necessary. Some common equipment besides pallet trucks that warehouse managers can consider include electric stackers, forklifts, order pickers, and reach trucks. If a warehouse is satisfied with the performance of a hand pallet truck, it will be satisfied with what the supplier has to offer.

4. Check Pallet Truck Supplier Location

The location of a material handling supplier is one of the most overlooked areas. When buying new pallet trucks, finding a supplier closer to the warehouse is perfect. Businesses can always order machines for delivery.

Finding a closer-located material handling equipment manufacturer offers more benefits. First, it will be easier to access services during an emergency. A team will be ready to deliver within a few hours of calling for assistance. A supplier with service centres in multiple locations allows warehouses to access services closer to their business.

5. Check for Available Rental Services

Sometimes warehouses experience seasonal changes, meaning there are days when business traffic will increase. Considering the ongoing operating costs, buying a new hand pallet truck might be uneconomical. Besides selling new equipment, the supplier should also offer rental services.

The service provider must have an extensive fleet of hand pallet jacks that warehouses can rely on for the high-traffic seasons. As a result, businesses can proceed with operations even on days when their in-house equipment is not in use. After buying a hand pallet truck, consider asking the supplier about their rental fleet of other equipment just to be sure.

What Should One Look For In A Valuable Hand Pallet Truck?

Hand pallet trucks are simple equipment, but they include various features making them distinct. Besides designs and mode of operations, the general factor determining the selection of a pallet truck trolley is compatibility with warehouse applications.

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The truck should have carrying capacities suitable for warehouse operations. Ergonomics and manoeuvrability ensure the equipment is easy to use. With these in mind, warehouses will find the perfect option for their needs.

A material handling equipment manufacturer is a life-long partner for a warehouse. Getting into business with the right supplier secures the future needs of the business. The supplier will always be ready to provide additional services and accessories to keep the equipment in good condition.

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