Top 10 Ways To iOS App Development on Windows

The world of app development is very competitive, especially when you consider the App Store one of the world’s biggest software markets. If you want to get an app for your business developed for either Android or iOS, there are thousands upon thousands of options you have to choose from.

iOS App Development on Windows machines is the best thing that can happen in the life of an iOS developer. However, Windows and iPhones are two different things. Although you might be culturally used to Windows for the last decade, the recent transition to Mac is tricky. It becomes more difficult if you are completely new to Mac.

How To iOS App Development on Windows

You may be curious about iOS App Development on Windows but need more time to be ready to invest in an iOS device. Asking whether you can use a Windows computer to code for the iOS platform is a valid question for many reasons. For many reasons, asking whether you can use a Windows computer to code for the iOS platform is a valid question. 

It’s uncommon to run into difficulties while attempting to develop iOS applications on a Windows computer. You can’t purchase a laptop running macOS since Apple doesn’t license it for use on non-Apple hardware. Nevertheless, we recommend you employ some of these alternatives, even while open-source options are available.

1- Virtualize MacOS

If you know how to work with computers and have some technical skills, you can use virtualization software to run a “virtual” Mac on your PC. The service described above does the same on its server and then charges for access to the virtual machine. You can eliminate the go-between function if you set it up on your computer.

Unfortunately, you need some technical know-how to make this work. VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation are the two most well-known programs for virtualization. You can get them online and then look up how to install the latest macOS (Mojave) version using VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation.

2- Get Unity3D

Unity Technologies made a cross-platform often used to create 2D, 3D, VR, and AR games, apps, and experiences.

A good IDE, like Unity, is an engine for making games that can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. On the other hand, its fast development and powerful features make it a good choice for applications that aren’t games.

With the Cloud Build feature of Unity, it’s easy to make iOS apps on Windows. After signing up as an Apple app developers UK and using Unity’s cloud build, it’s easy to set up, create, and work on iOS projects. With the free developer and editor, you can make Apple apps on Windows. Only during the compilation step will you need to use a Mac.

3- Swift Sandbox programming

Swift is an open-source language that you can use. It means that it works well on any hardware. You can also run the language in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox if you add it there. Using Swift Sandbox, you can learn Swift and code without a Mac or XCode.

After a code is run in the Swift Sandbox, it is sent to the web server. The web server does the compilations before the result is sent back. At the same time, you can run the code in your browser if the language has been added to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Upstack also lets you hire app developers for a swift who have been checked out.

5- Use Cross-Platform Tools

The cross-platform tool is great because you only have to write code for an app once and then move it to iOS and Android. It could reduce your application development time and costs by up to 50%. Creating iOS applications on a Windows Computer is now possible with the help of several cross-platform development tools, and the resulting code can be compiled on a Mac connected to the same network.

There is a big pool of cross-platform software to choose from. On the one hand, you have Xamarin, an IDE that enables you to utilize C# to create apps that run on several platforms.

6- Xamarin Hybrid Framework

Hybrid frameworks are a cheaper alternative to Cloud Mac, making it possible to develop iOS App Development on Windows. Most developers use Xamarin because they trust it to give them native output.

It is a platform with many features that lets you build and compile iOS apps from Windows and send them to iOS devices. The only thing you can’t do on Windows that you can only do on a Mac is submitted to the app store.

7- Rent a Mac in the cloud

Renting a MacinCloud allows you to get started with macOS programming on your PC without investing in a new Mac immediately. XcodeClub, MacinCloud, and MacStadium are some companies that make it possible to use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to Macs in the cloud (RDP).

On Windows 10, you can use the built-in Remote Desktop Client to connect to the Mac you rented. Some Linux distributions also have an RDP client built in. After logging in, you can download XCode and work on your project.

Apple’s IDE, Xcode, is for making apps for iOS and macOS makes iOS and macOS apps. It only works on the Mac and does not support any other operating system. It is challenging for iOS developers who work on Windows PCs to find an alternative to Xcode.

8- Work in the React environment

React Native has a lot of great features, like being open-source and being able to use third-party libraries. It can also help you use the same code on different platforms. React Native is the best way to make iOS apps, whether you want to make web apps or hybrid apps.

You can build an app for iOS App Development on Windows PC using React Native, an Android emulator, and Mac OS deployment machines. The Expo emulator supports Android and iOS, so you can use either to test the final product.

9- Flutter and Codemagic

Google’s Flutter is a framework for building apps that work on multiple platforms written in the Dart programming language. The main difference between Flutter and React Native is that Flutter doesn’t use native user interface (UI) components. Instead, it compiles to native code, which makes it even faster.

10- Hackintosh

A Hackintosh may make a machine run Apple’s macOS using unofficial methods. A “Hackintosh” is a modified Mac computer running macOS. This last option requires the most work, but it is still an option for consumers who wish to run macOS on hardware other than a Mac. Using Hackintosh, you can turn your Windows computer into a Mac with a fully functional OS (macOS). Make use of both Windows and macOS by setting up a dual-boot system.


If you wanted to start making iOS App Development on Windows but needed a Mac OS, these alternatives are just what you need. Even though these might be a little more complicated than building directly on Mac, developers worldwide have used and tested them. Ultimately, all you need to do to make iOS apps is learn how to use Xcode. Once you’re comfortable, you can use the tools above to build your app. 

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