Tips to Pick The Perfect Tyres for Your Ride

Having the right tyres for your car is essential for a comfortable, safe and smooth drive. Tyres are not something people think much about. Still, they should be given all the consideration of any important purchase, especially considering they are responsible for the grip, braking, stability and handling of the car. The article is  here with the top few tips to help you pick the perfect Nexen tyre online for your car. Read on and make sure that your tires are road-ready!

Understand Different Types of Tyres 

Tyres come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and designs. One of the first things to consider before buying a set of tyres for your car is to understand the types of tyres and their benefits. All-season tyres are suitable for all weather conditions; summer tyres are ideal for warmer climates. In contrast, winter and snow tyres are meant for winter conditions with plenty of grips, and high performance tyres are designed to offer superior cornering, better handling and traction. Knowing the right type of tyres for your car is key to choosing the right ones. 

Consider Your Driving Needs 

When choosing the right tyres for your car, driving conditions and requirements should be major factors. If you are an off-road enthusiast, tyres designed to tackle off-road conditions will be better suited for you. Choose tyres with good tread life and stability if you love long-distance trips. Similarly, winter tyres with a superior tread pattern and plenty of grips will be the best option if you live in an area that gets lots of snow. So, it’s best to understand your driving needs and preferences beforehand to choose the right tyres for your car.

Check Ratings and Reviews 

Before purchasing any product, including tyres, it’s always a good idea to do your homework and go through customer ratings and reviews. There are many online platforms where you can get helpful reviews of different types of tyres to help you make an informed choice. Doing your research will help you find out what other people have said about the tyres and their experiences with them, which will be invaluable in helping you make an educated decision. 

Do Not Sacrifice Quality 

When buying tyres for your car, it is crucial not to sacrifice quality for the price. Keeping the cost down is important, but compromising quality and safety should never be an option. So, you must choose tyres that are up to the standards and fit your car’s requirements. It is also advisable to look for tyres from reputed brands that offer quality assurance. 

Understand Load Index 

Load index numbers are ratings that indicate how much weight a tyre can carry. It is safe to choose tyres with higher load index ratings as it offers better performance and safety. It is essential to choose tyres that can handle the weight of the car when fully loaded with passengers and luggage. The load index information can usually be found printed on the sidewall of the tyre. 

Consider Brand and Price 

As mentioned earlier, quality should never be sacrificed. That said, there are many good quality and reasonably priced tyres available. So, it is worth doing some research to identify the tyre brands that have a good reputation in terms of performance and quality for the price range that you have in mind. This will give you the best compromise of price and quality. 

Check for Compatibility 

Another important factor to consider is the compatibility of the tyres with your car. Different cars have different wheel sizes, so make sure the tyres you choose are compatible with the wheel size and other specifications of your vehicle. The bolt pattern, speed rating and tread pattern of the tyres should also be considered for compatibility reasons. 

Choose the Right Width 

The right tyre width can be determined based on the wheel size of the car. Wider tyres offer better grip, stability and handling, while thin tyres may not be suitable for heavy vehicles as they may not hold up. It is important to choose the right width of tyres to get the most performance out of your car. 

Opt for Balanced Tyres 

Typical tyres come with certain levels of tread wear that can be categorised as asymmetrical, directional or symmetrical. Directional tyres are designed to rotate in one direction only and generally provide better cornering response, while asymmetrical tyres come with different patterns on the left and right surfaces for better handling and traction. Symmetrical tyres offer balanced traction for all conditions and offer good performance and value for money.

Find the Best Deal 

Once you have decided on the type, size and brand of tyres, it’s time to find the best deal. As tyres are a significant investment, it is worth shopping around to find the best deal and compare prices before making the purchase. There are many online platforms and local dealerships where you can get great deals and offers on tyres. The research will help you get the best value for your money. 


From ensuring that your Nexen tires are the correct size to equipping your car with the ideal tyre type for the roads, you drive on, selecting the correct tyres for your car is absolutely crucial for a smooth, safe and comfortable drive. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned in this blog to ensure you get the most out of your tyres and get out onto the roads with confidence! 

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