The Lost City, Colombia: A Guide to Hiking  

Are you planning to visit the Lost City of Colombia? Trying to explore places with ancient history in South America? Then this article is for you as we have compiled all the information you need to visit The Lost City of Colombia.

Keep reading this article till the end to know more about the Lost City of Colombia and when to visit the ancient sites and trails for trekking.

La Ciudad Perdida, the Spanish name for the Lost City, is an 800 AD archaeological site that sits in the northern Sierra Nevada mountainous region of Colombia. It was built by the people of Teyuna. Archaeologists have discovered that the Tayrona people were very advanced in engineering, military operation, and construction, and their society had a complex hierarchy.

Lost City discovery has also led archaeologists to believe that it was an important city for politics and religion. The Lost City is also thought to be the capital city with its organized unions of towns. This city also was a connecting hub with other people and trading cities of Columbia.

This forgotten city of Colombia has been covered with nature for centuries which led to only 10% discovery of this vast city by indigenous people and archaeologists. This ancestral site has been made accessible for people who wish to go on a pilgrimage journey on the ‘La Ciudad Perdida’ trek.

How Long Is The Trek To The Lost City?  

The distance of the Lost City trek is around 45 km in total, but if you include the steep uphill climb along with the downhill climb, then the total comes to around 68-70 km. It is going to take you four days to complete the trip, but a few shorter and longer duration options are also provided by some companies.

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Who To Choose To Trek To The Lost City?  

One thing you have to give importance to while planning to trek to The Lost City of Colombia is the company you choose to guide you on your journey so that your experience is pleasing and problem free.

There are multiple advertisements of companies to take you on a Lost City trekking journey in Santa Marta but choose a company that has licensed guides for trekking and also works with the indigenous people. This helps provide financial upliftment to the indigenous community, which helps protect the Lost City.

The Lost City is a sacred land for these indigenous people whose ancestors lived in these lands. So while allowing outsiders to visit their areas, we too need to see to it that their livelihoods are not taken away from them by companies who work only for profit without respecting the rules and culture of their land and also profiting from their lands without giving them back anything.

How Much Does It Cost To Do The Trek In The Lost City?  

The average four-day trek costs around 300 to 400 USD which includes accommodation in the town of Santa Marta. If you want to take a longer duration of trek, then it might cost you more than 600 USD which includes more time to spend in the natural surroundings of Lost City along with accommodation in Santa Marta.

These costs also include vehicles, a licensed guide, an indigenous guide, one-night accommodation in a hotel, basic camping equipment such as bunk beds, food, hammocks, and permits for trekking in the Lost City as well as the entrance ticket of the national park of Sierra Nevada.

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Best Time To Trek In The Lost City  

The Sierra Nevada National Park closes in September as the indigenous communities gather to perform ceremonies to restore the energy of the area, which helps maintain and preserve the area. Previously the national park remained closed for two weeks, but in recent years, it has been closed for the entire month of September.

The indigenous people believe that the mountain range of Sierra Nevada is the ‘heart of the world,’ and if the balance of this place is disturbed, then it can lead to havoc in the world.

This belief was made stronger when Hurricane Matthew hit the area in 2016, which led to a lot of destruction in the area.

Since then, the closing of the national park was made mandatory for an entire month to balance the negative energy brought in by the visitors. Avoid the months from March to November, as during these months; rainfall makes the trails slippery and treacherous.

Instead, try trekking during the months of December to early March, as there is less rain and the trails are dry, and rivers are much easier to cross without getting wet.


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