The David Dahmer Files: A Serial Killer’s Greatest Hits

David Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. His crimes – butchering young men and boys – shocked the nation and continue to haunt us to this day. In this article, we take a look at some of his most notable crimes and how they impacted the world.

The Facts of David Dahmer

David Berkowitz (1972-1995), also known as the Son of Sam, was a serial killer who, in the space of only thirteen months, killed six people in New York City. This made him one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. He was also responsible for the attempted murders of several other people. Dahmer was arrested and convicted of these crimes in 1978.

Born on October 21, 1972, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, David Berkowitz grew up with a troubled home life. His father died when he was young and his mother was often ill or unemployed. As a result of this, Berkowitz developed an intense interest in sex and violence from an early age. He began to engage in sexual activities with animals at the age of six and progressed to performing oral sex on other boys at eight. Berkowitz also developed a strong interest in murder from an early age and began plotting murders at the age of twelve.

In 1975, Berkowitz moved to New York City with the hope of finding fame and fortune as a musician. However, his career never took off and he became increasingly frustrated with life. In 1978, Berkowitz met eighteen-year-old Samantha Smith through mutual friends and started dating her. On July 26th that year, Smith was savagely murdered by Berkowitz outside her home in Queens. It is unclear what motivated him to commit this crime but it is thought that he may have been sexually aroused by her death.

How Did David Dahmer Kill All Those People?

David Anthony Dahmer was a serial killer who killed seventeen people between 1978 and 1991. He was known for his cannibalistic habits, which he indulged in after becoming addicted to Rohypnol, a drug commonly used as a sexual enhancer. Dahmer’s crimes came to light when he was arrested in 1991 for the murder of 17-year-old Christopher Scarver.
Dahmer was initially charged with the murder of Scarver, but authorities later discovered evidence linking him to the murders of seven other men. In all, Dahmer killed seventeen people, all of whom he cannibalized. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The Timeline of His Murders

David Berkowitz was convicted of killing six people in New York City between 1976 and 1978. He is also suspected of killing another five people in other parts of the United States over a period of ten years. Here is a timeline of his murders:
1976: David Berkowitz, then age 25, shoots and kills 29-year-old Stephen King outside his apartment building in Queens.
1977: On July 15, Berkowitz fatally shoots 26-year-old African American woman Shirley Wills as she walks down the street in Brooklyn.
1978: On November 6, Berkowitz fatally shoots 20-year-old white male Jeffrey MacDonald while he’s sleeping in his apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan. MacDonald would later be tried and acquitted of the crime.
1979: On May 19, Berkowitz fatally shot 16-year-old black female Julie Roberts as she walked to her school bus stop on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.
1980: On October 18, Berkowitz fatally shot 18-year-old black female Andrea Yates while her two young children were locked inside their house near Buffalo, New York.

1981: On July 15, Berkowitz shoots and kills 35-year-old black male Yonkers police officer Brian McDonnell as he responds to a call.
1982: On February 3, Berkowitz fatally shoots 29-year-old Hispanic woman Myrna LeBaron while she’s walking her dog in the Bronx.
1983: On May 11, Berkowitz fatally shoots 33-year-old white female jogger Jill Meagher in Melbourne, Australia.
1984: On August 9, Berkowitz fatally shoots 27-year-old white female Kitty Genovese outside her apartment building in Queens.
1985: On December 1, Berkowitz fatally shoots 20-year-old black male Steven McDonald while he’s walking down the street in Queens.
1986: On July 18, Berkowitz kills 25-year-old white female jogger Karen Klein while she’s running on a path near his home in Long Island City, Queens.

1987: On September 25, Berkowitz kills 28-year-old white female jogger Lori Klein while she’s running near his home in Nassau County.
1988: On May 20, Berkowitz shoots and kills 36-year-old Hispanic woman Myrna Labean as she’s walking her dog in the Bronx.
1989: On July 2, Berkowitz fatally shoots 35-year-old white male jogger Leno LaGuardia outside of a grocery store in Queens.

1990: On December 11, Berkowitz fatally shoots and kills 23-year-old white female jogger Lisa Levy while she’s running outside her apartment building in Queens.
1991: On November 28, Berkowitz shoots and kills 30-year-old white male postal worker Albert Scales while he’s working in a Bronx post office.
1995: On October 12, Berkowitz fatally shoots 35-year-old black male Wessinger Davison on a subway platform in Brooklyn.

1997: On December 11, Berkowitz shoots and wounds 26-year-old black male James Baldwin as he’s walking down the street in Harlem.
1998: On January 2, Berkowitz fatally shoots 26-year-old black female Kimberly Leach while she’s walking her dog in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
1999: On November 6, Berkowitz fatally shoots 36-year-old white male jogger Patrick Kearney while he’s running on a path near his home in Huntington Bay, Long Island.
2002: On May 12, Berkowitz shoots and wounds 26-year-old white male jogger Louis DiBerardino while he’s running on a path near his home in Huntington Bay, Long Island.
2006: On July 17, Berkowitz shoots and kills 36-year-old white male jogger Phillip Mitchell while he’s running on a path near his home in Huntington Bay, Long Island.

What Happens to a Serial Killer After Death?

Serial killers are notorious for leaving a trail of death and destruction behind them. What happens to them after they’re dead?

Most serial killers spend the rest of their lives in prison, where they may be eligible for parole. In some cases, their bodies may be cremated or buried. Some serial killers are also subjected to autopsies, in order to determine the cause of death and whether any crimes were committed in connection with it.


Serial killers are one of the most terrifying things that can happen to anyone, and the David Dahmer Files is a true horror story. This documentary tells the story of one of history’s most notorious serial murderers, and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you’re interested in learning all there is to know about Dahmer, this documentary is an excellent way to start. Be prepared for some truly stomach-churning moments!

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