The 6 Best Alchemy Systems In Video Games

These ways to make potions are the most refined, powerful, or concentrated in the business. Alchemy is a job, a skill, or a power in a lot of different video games. In a role-playing game, it can be one of your class skills, a profession that anyone can practice and level up, or the main point of the game as part of a simulator. No matter how the alchemy system is built into a game, some are better and more fun to use than others.

Alchemy can be a hobby or a way of life. Because of this, almost all RPGs, adventure games, and simulation games have it in some form. Crafting potions, elixirs, and weapon coatings is a fascinating and potentially lucrative hobby that requires the collection of specific materials and their subsequent use. It’s also hard enough that it can be the basis of a whole game on its own, which it often is.

Grind and Gather – World of Warcraft

The fact that World of Warcraft is so popular is because it has streamlined and made easier things that used to be hard to do. Like most RPGs, characters can only choose from a small number of jobs. These jobs are not limited by class, but they do fall into different categories. For instance, it makes sense for a Mage or Warlock, who wear clothes, to choose the Tailoring profession.

On the other hand, anyone can use alchemy. For raids, dungeons, and arena fights, everyone needs consumables. Herbalism is a separate gathering skill that is often paired with alchemy. If you don’t have this skill, you can’t gather the plants that are used in alchemy. But fishing and mining are also ways to gather things that can be used in alchemy.

World of Warcraft’s Alchemy system is simple compared to other modern MMORPGs in the same genre. For almost every potion, you only need one or two ingredients, except for the more complicated Transmutes.

Build And Discover – Skyrim

Skyrim didn’t make alchemy popular in video games, but it could explain why it has become so popular. As usual, you could find materials by exploring the open world, but you needed an Alchemy Lab to make and mix all of your potions. This was related to a big trend in video games called “player housing.”

There were many Alchemy Labs spread out across Skyrim, but it was easier to just build one in your house or buy one that was already set up. This also gives you a place to keep the things you find and the things you mix together. There are also books and quests that can be done to improve the skill. It doesn’t matter what class you are, so anyone who plays Skyrim can have their own Alchemy House.

Secrets of The Arcane – New World

The strange island of Aternum adds an interesting twist to their alchemy system. It has to do with a crafting skill called “Arcana,” and you can use it to not only make potions but also all sorts of magical goods and materials. Unlike more traditional MMORPGs, this Alchemy system doesn’t have many rules or limits, which might be more appealing if you like crafting that is more complex.

Like the class system, the overall system in New World is open to all characters, no matter how they are built or what role they play in the party. Everyone can use the potions, elixirs, and other mixtures. People who are good at making staves and gauntlets can use these recipes and other materials to make powerful weapons.

Research and Mapping – Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Potion Craft is a simulator that never makes you leave the comfort and safety of your home. Instead, it puts you in the dangerous world of customer service. People in your area know you as the Alchemist, and they come to your shop to buy the things you make. There are also a number of vendors who come by to sell things you can’t get from the house garden.

In this game, the Alchemy Map is used to find the different recipes, which are then written down in the Recipe Book. The Alchemy Machine is used to mix more advanced materials. The main goal is to finish the chapters in the Alchemist’s Path book. It’s fun to find and make potions and sell them, and you can keep improving your house as you go.

Extract and Embalm – Graveyard Keeper

In a simulator that’s also an adventure RPG game, the poor Graveyard Keeper goes about his day with a dark sense of humor. The main character can learn many different jobs and skills, and they can be learned in any order. Alchemy, on the other hand, is needed to make some quest items and is linked to several other skills in some way. This makes Alchemy less like work and more like an exciting part of the journey.

The Church Basement, behind the Morgue, will hold most of the equipment needed for Alchemy. To get started, you have to build an Alchemy Mill, a Hand-mixer, and a Tier I Alchemy workbench. You can gather the materials ahead of time so that the character has a good head start when the workspace is ready.

Players have the option of spending their points on either Anatomy or Alchemy, or both, in a single skill tree. Talking to an Old Woman in the middle of a dangerous swamp is the only way to unlock it. Gunter, the talking skull, also tells you an important thing about the mixture you need to make to make zombies.

The Moxie Of The Snake Oiler – West of Loathing

The Alchemy system in West of Loathing, Potiontology, is not only fun and easy to use. But it is also clever and funny. In this 2D black-and-white RPG, there is a class called the Snake Oiler. Which is similar to a Rogue in other games. One of their skills is to collect snake venom, slime, and other gross leftovers to make potions.

Harvesting is a skill that all classes in 8 Ball Pool can use if they have the right book-learning. And some of these items are used in Potiontology recipes. But only the Snake Oiler can use them to make something, as long as they have a “alchemistry” set.

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