Streaming Of Ipl Live Score 2023 Will Be Available On Jio Cinema.

The IPL Live Score 2023 (Indian Premier League), one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments, will kick off on March 31. The opening ceremony will feature the battle between last year’s champion, Gujarat Titans, and four-time champion Chennai Super Kings. The IPL season is coming to an end and Disney+ Hotstar has been the best place to watch IPL matches.

Viacom18 has been granted the digital media rights to the IPL 2023-27 Season. This means that they are the only ones allow to stream the matches on Indian online channels. BCCI granted Jio Cinema permission to stream the IPL 2023 matches. Jio has revealed a number of new features that it will offer IPL fans, as the cricket fever is returning.

What’s new in the JioCinema IPL?

4K Resolution

IPL matches will stream in 4K resolution for the first time. Hotstar has streamed IPL matches in HD resolution for many years. Jio also confirmed it will stream IPL 2023 matches at 4K resolution, which will provide a lot of detail and clarity. Jio claims that 90% of IPL matches can view at 480p resolution. This will allow users to see nearly 10 times as much detail.

Jio Cinema will stream IPL matches in 12 languages. This is something that has never been done before. This will allow you to view a match in your preferred language. Jio Cinema will stream IPL Live Score 2023 in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Multiple Camera Angles

Multilingual Support

Jio Cinema will offer a feature no one could have imagined. You can view the IPL from any angle you prefer. You can choose any of the available camera angles and view the entire match through that. The app currently has only four camera angles: the spider camera view (batsman view), bird’s eye and wicketkeeper views.

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Hype Mode

The Hype mode was introduced by Jio Cinema during the FIFA World Cup 2023. You can view statistics and trivia about the teams as they play live. You can also rewind and go back in time. It has also been confirmed for the IPL. This feature will allow players to view their stats and match-related information at any time during a match.

Fan Feed

IPL fans will have their own space where they can cheer on their team, talk with other fans, and even partner up with IPL supporters. The event will include a prize and quiz session, where fans can answer fun questions about the match. If they are correct, they will award goodies.

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