Special Jain Food Arrangements For Groups Traveling By Train

The best solution for extended trips is to bring food from home. We should eat fewer, lighter meals since we don’t exercise while we’re on the road. You can eat some dry farsan (a traditional Gujarati dish), chakli, chivda, some fruits, or biscuits (a great option if you like tea with it). For your first meal after setting out on your journey, you can (if you’d like) pack a packet of bread, cheese slices, sauce, or jam.

If bringing food from home is not an option, try to only buy food from authorized railway vendors at major halts in order to reduce rushing. Eat something regional if you can. Pudi/kachori in Kota, Chhole bhature in Ratlam, poha in Agra/Mathura, Ambala/Ludhiana, Petha, etc. are a few examples. Since the locals are accustomed to it, they produce these foods exceptionally well and healthily. You can also get Jain Food Delivery in Train.

IRCTC E-catering only provides a reliable food delivery service (food from outside) at a select few stations.

Placing an online food or meal order through the Zoop website.

You can swiftly place a jain thali in train while riding a train by carrying out the actions below.

Please visit the Zoop website.

2. Your ticket’s 10-digit PNR number should be entered here.

3. Choose the restaurant and station where you want your food to be delivered. (The list of stations will appear in the drop-down menu. 

4. After that, a new page with menu options and prices will appear; choose the dish you want to eat.

5. Selecting your preferred payment method is the next step.

6. You have access to a number of secure online payment options, including the Cash on Delivery option.

Why should I use Zoop to order Jain food on a train?

• Restaurant partners who have received FSSAI approval: Zoop has partnered with reputable eateries that adhere to strict guidelines when preparing Special Jain food and have received this accreditation.

Jain food on train, are now available at more than 450 stations across India thanks to Zoop. At more than 450 stations across India, obtaining Jain food while riding a train is simple. consuming meals on trains that transport food all over India. There are more than 450 train stations in India where it is easy to order Jain food.

Food that has been prepared in a hygienic manner: Zoop restaurant partners have an excellent track record for doing so. No longer are you forced to consume stale food prepared in an unhygienic manner by train vendors or the pantry car. Zoop has made it possible to order savory, hot meals and have them delivered right to your train seat.

• Simple Jain food ordering in trains: Online or offline ordering methods are both simple ways to order Jain Food Delivery in Train From Zoop aboard trains. Use your laptop or a mobile device to place an online order via the website. On a train, ordering Jain food is very easy.

How Do I Order Jain Food on Trains Using Zoop?

At more than 450 locations throughout India, you can use Zoop to order Jain food. Simply adhere to the following guidelines to order Spacial Jain food on trains:.

Visit www. to access the Zoop app or the Apple Store. 

Select the “Jain Food” choice from the menu.

To proceed, enter your 10-digit PNR number.

Choose where you want the Jain food to be brought at the train’s boarding station.

A Jain thali that is customized for you can be chosen from the menu of any restaurant.

Use Spacial Jain food coupons to save money when placing your order.

You can pay for something online using a variety of methods, including net banking, UPI, wallets, credit cards, debit cards, or cash on delivery.

You can either order other food from Zoop or bring some with you

The main components of this Gujarati breakfast flatbread (roti), known as theplas, are methi (fenugreek), wheat flour, yogurt, gram flour, ghee, and water. Similar to how chapatis are made, the dough is rolled into a ball, flattened into a circle, and fried to make theplas.

Khakhra: The Gujarati snack known as khakhra is a roti-shaped, round, crisp food item. These wholesome Indian snacks are primarily made with wheat flour. However, you can add different spices to make it your own. Other ingredients include gram flour, milk, and oil. Similar to rotis, khakhras are roasted on a heat pan, but here, pressure is applied until they are crisp.

Bhakarwadi: Bhakarwadi are a popular Indian snack that originated in Gujarat but are also well-liked in Maharashtra. They are dough discs that are heavily stuffed with dried mango, chili, poppy, cumin, and seeds. Tea is the perfect beverage to pair with these tiny bite-sized rolls. They have just the right amount of crunch, sweetness, and heat.

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