What Are The Types Of SEO Tools?  

Utilization of SEO is so in these days. Especially for any small business, it helps them gain traction and be equal while competing against other big competitors. Using SEO is one of the leading Digital Marketing Strategies these days.

In this article, I will be discussing a few of such tools which can be made of use for any business.

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What Are SEO Tools?  

Search Engine Optimization tools save a person from the hassle of doing data analysis and keyword research. With the aid of these tools, one will be able to see what’s working for their site and which parts of their site-building strategy could need improvement.

The best SEO tools also provide reports on how to measure up the competitors and where their greatest opportunities lay at. These tools also allow users to measure up their search performance region-wise, country-wise, or even language-wise.

Best SEO Tools To Try Out  

This is a list of some of the best SEO tools that a person can try out:

Google Search Console  

This SEO tool is free for everyone with a website. The Google Search Console lets one track and report on a website’s presence in the Google SERP. All the users need to do is, verify their website by including a code to their website or even by going through the Google Analytics, and then they can submit their sitemap for indexing.

Even though one does not particularly require an account in Search Console to appear in the search results on Google. This tool lets a user take control over what gets indexed and how a particular is getting represented with the account.


This is the next best and one of the most recommended online SEO tools. It only comes next to Google when it comes to being a popular website crawler. The “audit” feature of this tool is something that SEO experts can never get enough of – it is one of the best SEO analysis tool.

This tool is also known to highlight the parts of a website that need improvements to rank even better in search engines.

From a perspective of competitor analysis, one is likely to use this tool to determine the backlinks of the competitors as a form of a point of beginning for one’s own company.


The experts then make use of this tool to do an analysis of the best keywords that are available out there and trending under different topics. They also have a rank tracker feature on their tool that helps in easily determining ranking while also tracking the improvement of a website based on different key metrics.

If that is not sufficient, then a user will also get a ton of novel keyword ideas that makes a website rank even higher.


SEMRush is also one of the favorites among the SEO community. The experts really love the fact that they can quickly assess the rankings and also identify any changes and analyze new ranking opportunities.

One of the more popular features of this tool is its Domain vs Domain analysis. This feature of it easily allows one to easily compare a particular website to that of the competitors.

If one is looking for an analytics report to help them better understand the website’s traffic, search data, and even the competitors, then by utilizing this tool, they will be able to compare different domains and keywords.

Moz Pro  

The MOZ Pro software is also a great SEO tool that the experts use. Some specialists also have praised how MOZ was always up-to-date even after Google’s frequent algorithm changes. Many others praised MOZ’s portal – a chat that allows them always to get a sort of insightful response to each and every question that is asked to them.

Whether one is looking for some keyword recommendations or a site crawl, MOZ is a powerhouse that can handle all of these requests. One can learn a lot about a website’s performance as well as how to improve it.

They also have a feature, which is the MOZ toolbar, that one can download to see their website’s metrics while they are going through any page. If one is looking to learn more about SEO, then one should consider checking out the MOZ con – which is their yearly conference where they teach about SEO.

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Google Trends  

“Google Trends” has been there for years but has consistently been undermined. In addition to providing keyword-related information, it also provides insightful analysis of the surrounding digital marketing trends, which is particularly helpful at any stage of a company’s development.

The users can search for keywords of any country and get information about the rising queries and related queries surrounding it. If you are an SEO  beginner, then this would be the best form of tool to utilize for you.

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To Wrap It Up!  

The above-mentioned tools will make sure that you do not need to consult a Digital Marketing Agency additionally.

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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