6 Reasons To Run Responsive Display Ads

It is sometimes challenging to run paid ad campaigns for your local home service business. Effective, eye-catching ads not only require maintenance and attention but, at the same time, also require design and copywriting expertise skills set. Sometimes it is beyond the budget to run a home service company. 

If you have the intention to create high-quality ads that perform well likely, don’t have the capacity or budget to create every possible ad size or type. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons to run responsive display ads. 

Now Let’s Talk About What Responsive Display Ads Are And How They Work.

According to the popular search engine “Google,” a responsive display ad is an ad that automatically adjusts its appearance, size, and format to fit in available ad spaces on the Google Display Network. 

Before responsive display ads, businesses used traditional display ads, which are required for creating ads individually by reformatting and resizing images of the ad elements. 

But now responsive display ads are very easy to control and operate. In this case, you just simply upload several assets such as images, headlines, texts, logos, and descriptions. After that, Google determines the most effective combinations of your assets to build ads that are automatically formatted and sized for various places across the Google display network. 

The Reasons For Using Google Display Ads

Below we have discussed some of the reasons for using Google display ads. 

1) Efficiency

Many of us have questions about what’s a key benefit of responsive display ads. The key benefit of responsive display ads is that they will save you money and time as well. Responsive display ads save you time and relieve you from the hassle of testing with the combinations of countless images, promos, and texts to determine which elements perform well and which do not. 

Google relies its services on its powerful machine learning technology to test all inputs and find the combinations that perform well. In this case, Google responsive display ads have the capacity to perform well by just simply putting your assets in and come with fully optimized ads. The repost also shows which assets perform the best among other valuable assets.

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2) Visibility

With this new ad creation technology, you will automatically get much more visibility because ads are sized and formatted for various ad placements. Therefore by using responsive display ads, you can easily reach customers in several places throughout the web that are optimized for text, even banner ad spaces, and native as well. 

More ad placements mean more potential customers will be able to see your ads and can make all the differences with your other competitors. These unique ads are generated automatically with no little work that is required from your staff. 

3) You Can locate Video Assets in a proper manner 

By using responsive display ads, you can easily deploy video assets. In this case, advertisers are always looking for new ways to locate them. In this advanced world, your business ads will easily get visibility across the google display network. 

In this case, you can select up to five videos from your Youtube channel, and then you can display them in your responsive display ads. In terms of addition, you can use a square image and one landscape, then headlines and eye-catchy descriptions as well. 

4) You Might Get Better Performance

In some accounts, advertisers will find better performance with responsive display ads than with standard display ads. In a recent study, it has been found that responsive display ads will help you to get a better conversion rate. In this case, the responsive display ads conversion rate will be .23%, and at the same time, the standard display ads rate will be .09%. 

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5) You Can Evaluate Your Ads Performance With a Scorecard

Now you may have a question: what’s the advantage of responsive display ads? In this case, responsive display ads will give you feedback by providing a scorecard. Therefore before you go live, you have an idea about the strength of your responsive display ads. Despite that, overall ratings will also let you know which part you can make improvements to and which part is not. 


We have discussed the reasons for using responsive display ads above in this article. In this case, we have actually given you a brief idea of why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that responsive display ads are optimized for performance. Not only that but Google tests every possible combination of your assets. In this case, responsive display ads take out all of the hard work that is associated with creating ads. 

Thank you for reading till the end.

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