Qualities of a Great Teacher (According to Experts)


Great teachers always give the world great minds, and it is one of the most respectable professions worldwide, but what makes it worth that? Here are some of the qualities of great teachers as narrated by experts.Excellent and effective teaching always requires great communication skills on the first note. The great teacher always maintains active communication with the student and the parent to make a collaborative effort for the student’s welfare.

A Great Speaker

A great teacher is always a great speaker, active listener, incredible reader, and writer. The diversity of tone and non-verbal clues (body language) also aids a lot in delivering ideas and concepts of different types and involving the students in the class dynamics. In addition, it is crucial to be receptive and expressive simultaneously for a teacher to identify the student’s problem areas and address them immediately. Communication with parents is also needed to give them feedback and make them aware of any further improvements needed (Silver F., 2018).

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Another essential quality of a great teacher is adaptability. A great teacher must always be flexible or adaptable to different working situations, students, learning, colleagues and parents. Any teacher can suffer from burnout or frustration without adaptability because they have to teach enormous types of personalities within a class and work in different situations simultaneously. Moreover, the same teaching style in every class and with every student can never be an effective way for a teacher. They have to deal with the students with learning disabilities and prove themselves capable of answering the questions of gifted students with extraordinary intellectual needs.

Professional Learning

Furthermore, a great teacher always has to meet the needs of the upgradation of knowledge and professional learning. Hence, rigidity or a stuck mind in the way of learning can prove fatal for a teacher’s professional development and growth. Effectively interacting with colleagues and parents of different backgrounds and cultures also requires adaptability (Collie R J., 2018).

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Empathy is also a vital trait of great teachers. A great teacher is always empathetic to the students, their circumstances and perspectives, which is crucial in maintaining the classroom environment positive and healthy. For example, a student doing not so good in studies might be facing any trauma or going through a family crisis. At that point, an empathetic teacher might provide emotional support for that kid and help them with guidance in dealing with such trauma. However, it must be kept in mind that empathy never means showing sympathy. Instead, it enables an individual to come out of personal judgement and biases and see the person’s circumstances through their eyes (Morin A., n.d).


Another essential trait on the list is patience. Patience, humility, and calmness are much required to become a great teacher, so the hesitance of students struggling in studies can be alleviated. A great teacher praises not only the brilliant students but also tries to support the intellectually challenged students patiently. They have to provide mentorship to the weak students irrespective of how many times they need to explain and continues to struggle until all the student in the class master the concept with patience and persistence (Iverson B., n.d).

Wise Teacher

Moreover, it is never the action of wise for a teacher to take the student’s conduct in class personally. For example, some students’ conduct could be very unpleasing or disturbing towards their peers or teachers. Patience is the utmost need for the teacher in that situation. Although sometimes it is difficult to be not combative in response to misconduct. However, they always show patience while interacting with such kids and use behaviour modification and positive reinforcement techniques to improve the pupils’ conduct and morale in the classroom. The practice of patience can ultimately strengthen the relationship between the pupils and the teachers (Bridges D., 2021).

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Great Teacher

Another attribute of being a great teacher, according to experts, is sharing good practices and ideas with colleagues and students. Therefore, one of the teaching profession’s essential practices to learn and enhance their professional development is sharing their techniques and asking for feedback when sitting with colleagues. This practice can help eradicate the flaws in their teaching style and can be a source of generating innovative ideas regarding the welfare of the students and making learning easy for them. Therefore, teaching can be best done by making it collaborative and sharing best practices and ideas (Spencer B., 2017).

Good Practices

Sharing good practices with students illustrates helping students solve their problems by sharing teachers’ experiences and successful practices related to them. The students get inspiration from their teachers by seeing them as mentors and leaders. They always look upon their teacher’s advice whenever they face any complex circumstances in their lives. Therefore, these good practices aid the pupils in learning and solving complex problems of life (Patzer R., 2020).

Qualities of A Great Teacher

Some other qualities of great teachers are being creative, humorous, enthusiastic, and engaging. These qualities prevent boredom in class and inculcate students’ interest in learning. Humour is something that works every time and everywhere. The classroom environment becomes engaging and exciting when the teacher is creative enough to put humour into learning concepts and mathematical solutions. It also creates the student’s willingness to come to school and learn. A great teacher never sticks to the traditional way of teaching but always finds a new and creative way to teach by coming to the understanding level of each learner. This practice makes them the most popular and favourite teachers at school (Vallikat, 2020).

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Optimism is also a crucial trait in becoming a great teacher. Many researchers have proved that teachers’ optimism can increase the productivity of the pupils’ results, no matter their background or circumstances. In addition, it can increase self-actualisation and self-efficacy in an individual. When these traits are present in a teacher, they can inculcate them in their pupils. Which ultimately increases the confidence and urge to be able to do anything in this world (Barile, n.d).


Lastly, being punctual and organised can prove to be the last hammer in the qualities of a great teacher. The organisation in the classroom, lesson delivery, and pupils’ behaviour are vital to an effective classroom environment. The teacher’s punctuality inspires the student to value time, and ultimately, they can effectively manage time. In addition, being organised and punctual led to fewer discipline problems in the classroom (Kelly, 2020). 

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