Pikmin: 10 Scariest Enemies In The Series

They are nothing like the cute Pikmin they try to catch.

Pikmin is a cute show about a ship that crashes on a hostile alien planet. You’re not alone on your journey into the unknown, though. A group of helpful creatures called Pikmin are with you. The Pikmin help you find ship parts, treasure, fruit, and other things on your quest.

But that doesn’t make the enemies you’re up against any less scary. On this new planet, the people you fight are mean, dangerous, and most of all, scary. They won’t think twice about taking your stuff or eating you. So, get your best Pikmin team together and get ready to face the ten scariest enemies in the Pikmin series.

Giant Breadbug

Even though the Breadbug family isn’t as dangerous as some of the other enemies on this list, they are still scary. Sure, you might think it’s just a loaf of freshly baked bread at first glance.

But then that bread turns around, and you’re horrified to see that it has a face, a pair of feet, and is moving toward your most valuable possession. The Giant Breadbug looks like a parasite has taken over what would normally be a good snack for lunch. We can’t help but feel scared because it’s so disgusting.

Swooping Snitchbug

The Swooping Snitchbug doesn’t have legs, but it makes up for it with strong arms and wings made out of antennae. Even though they won’t hurt your Pikmin, they will still give you a lot of trouble. Once the Swooping Snitchbug sees you, it will dive and take you or your Pikmin up into the air.

If they grab a Pikmin, they will throw it back down with enough force to bury the colorful helper. If the Swooping Snitchbug gets a leader, their trip back to earth will be much worse than the Pikmin’s.


The Arachnode are scary because they are so simple. The Arachnode is really just a spider that has made a web. When left alone, this monster with eight legs looks like a small black and yellow ball. But this spider comes to life when something gets stuck in its sticky web.

They’ll get to what they’ve caught quickly and easily, and then eat it. Most of the time, this caught food is Pikmin. Spiders are already creepy creatures that many people don’t like to deal with. So, seeing the Arachnode chase after the small, helpful Pikmin like it wants to eat them makes this beast look even scarier.

Fiery Blowhog

At first glance, the Fiery Blowhog looks kind of cute, like a mix between a tiny bottle and a wrinkly gray pig. But then this pig-eyes bottle’s get smaller, and all of a sudden flames start coming out of its nose. Because, as their name suggests, the Fiery Blowhog likes to make your Pikmin extra crispy.

Make sure you have a team of red Pikmin that can handle heat when you face this enemy. If they can’t help, bring in some strong people so they can deal with this fire starter as soon as possible.

Burrowing Snagret

Birds are a lot of fun. And snakes are cool if you don’t mind that they have scales and slide along the ground. But on an alien planet where a lot of people get lost and end up, birds and snakes are scary. Even more so if it’s a Burrowing Snagret. This hybrid animal likes to slither under the ground and then surprise you by coming out of nowhere.

Once you let your guard down, they will use their sharp beaks to kill your Pikmin. Even worse, the Burrowing Snagert is an enemy you’ll face in more than one Pikmin game. You can’t get away from this bird of prey that looks like a snake.

Bulborb Larva

The fact that the Bulborb Larva want to eat Olimar and his Pikmin is what makes them so scary. Now, this is what every enemy in this series does all the time. But as their name suggests, Bulborb Larva are young insects. That is, they are just born. So, as soon as the Empress Bulbax gives birth to them, these babies will come after you and try to eat you.

And yes, it is important to feed your young, but these larvae chose to go after the Pikmin as soon as they were born. They didn’t find out the hard way that they were hungry for these things that looked like carrots. Nope, they have to eat Pikmin because it’s in their DNA. But these little Bulborbs aren’t the only scary ones. Their mother was the Empress Bulblax.

Empress Bulblax

Is completely scary to herself. The head of the Empress Bulbax is like a normal Bulborb, but its body is like a caterpillar. A very long, very bulky caterpillar that, as you fight it, gives birth to Bulborb Larva. This queen will also crush anyone who gets in her way, including you, your Pikmin team, and even her own offspring.

Even though the Empress Bulbax is not very big from a human’s point of view, it is huge and dangerous to Captain Olimar and his Pikmin friends. In fact, I think anyone would scream if they saw the Empress Bulbox in person.

Sandbelching Meerslug

If you thought the Bulborbs were scary because they had tiny teeth, you haven’t seen anything yet. Even though this enemy and the Empress Bulblax are both long and cylindrical, don’t think they are the same. The Sandbelching Meerslug is a faster enemy that can dig quickly and eat Pikmin with its many teeth.

As its name suggests, the Sandbelching Meerslug will throw sandballs at your group in an attempt to destroy it. They will also dig into the sand and make a sinkhole that will trap your Pikmin if you aren’t careful. If you see your Pikmin getting stuck, blow your whistle as hard as you can and gather them back up.

Vehemoth Phosbat

The Vehemoth Phosbat is an enemy that you don’t even see at first. The only thing you know about this creature is that it eats Charlie in the beginning of Pikmin 3, right after Charlie lands on an unknown planet. You won’t see this flying bat again until Alph and Brittany get back together.

This enemy is scary because it eats one of the main characters at the beginning of the game, and you can’t see it until you light up the cave where it lives. Once you do that, this flying monster with teeth will start eating Pikmin.


In the Pikmin games, it turns out that the most dangerous enemy is the friend you made along the way. No, really, Louie is a really scary beast. In Pikmin 2, this blue space cadet is your co-worker, but he is really the reason Hocotate Freight is in debt. In Pikmin 3, Louie also steals all the food that Koppai needs to keep from dying of hunger.

And if you needed more proof, it was said that Louie was in charge of the final boss of Happy Wheels, the Titan Dweevil. After the Dweevil was defeated, Louie even called himself the “King of Bugs.” Maybe it would be best for Louie to stay on his own planet and stop coming to others.

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