Old Dhoti & Cotton Rags, Buy in Bulk and Save Huge

Old Dhoti Shop is a firm where your old clothes are converted into a clothing wiper.

You can also see this company as a recycle company, which recycles your old clothes and converts them into a wiper.

This work is done by humans and machines.

Firstly, they segregate those clothes according to the quality of the cloth, this segregation is done according to the color and quality of the cloth.

Then these clothes are cut by machine and the wiper is made, then its packing is done by the compressor machine.

After that it gets ready to be used at any factory, any shop. Also known as cotton rags and wiping sheets in factories.

This company also collects cotton sarees from the southern part of India and makes pieces of it and supplies large amounts of old dhoti to the industries.

Nowadays, only their cotton rags and old dhoti are supplied to big scale industries and government sectors. And at the same time they also supply to retail shop also.

This company has spread its foot in India since 1991, many suppliers of India are getting employment by joining them. 

Since 1991, we have been in charge of this company (Old Dhoti Shop). We are fully knowledgeable about this industry as a result. To maintain the size and quality of Old Dhoti and cotton rags, we have a large staff and equipment. After 32 years of struggle, we are succeeding in business. For the convenience of our customers, we have created an inbound calling system that allows them to place quick orders. We provide services across all of India. 

In a way, this company is expert in manufacturing, wholesaling and supply.

Old dhoti shop

Old Dhoti

Typically, old dhotis are used in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, service, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in hardware, kirana, and spare part stores to clean machines. It originates from rural India, where people dress in cotton lungis and dhotis. Old dhotis are available in a variety of colors, but in our line they are divided into white old dhotis and colored old dhotis. Additionally, it has a variety of qualities, including terrycloth, embroidery, washing, Mulching, borders or no borders, thick, light, and booti, among others. The previous HSN code for dhotis is 5208,6309,6310. The government imposes a 5% GST on this item.

Cotton Rags 

The term “cutting wiper” is also used for cotton wipers, cloth wipers, cutting wipers, and wiper rags. It can also be used to wipe something. It also has many other qualities, such as mix cotton wiper, flannel wiper, heavy cotton wiper, t-shirt wiper, pure cotton wiper, etc. Because they have good soaking power, color, and white T-shirt wipers are the most popular products made from cotton rags. Cotton rags have the HSN code 6310 on them. The government imposes a 5% GST on this item. It comes in two main categories, which are as follows:

  • If you mention Indian cotton rags, they originate from Indian homes. These rags are gathered by the rikshawala, who then sends them to a manufacturer or dealer who cuts them into wipes-quality cloth and sells it to businesses, suppliers, or retailers. They produced a quality in accordance with customer demand.
  • Let me first say that the supply chain for the imported cotton rags has a long history. It is imported from Western nations through the port of Kandla, which is located in Gujarat. Kandla serves as the primary port for both new and used clothing imports, and Panipat, which is located in Haryana, has also grown into a significant center for these imports. The warehouses of importers are organized to separate these garments. They produce a lot of high-quality items from it, and if the fabric is harmed, has a hole in it, or grows too large, they treat it like cotton rags.

Call us at 9873416179 to get a great deal on old dhotis and cotton rags (Old Dhoti Shop). Simply give us a call and let us know what you need. Call us right away without second-guessing. A company with its roots in Delhi (INDIA) but wings spread all over the world.

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