Know What Does HMU Mean In A Text & More

If someone texts or posts on social media with the word “HMU,” you might be unsure of what it signifies if you’re not familiar with internet slang. Here, you’ll find all you require! We’ll explain to you what does hmu mean in a text in this post and explain how to apply it in your own communications. Continue reading to learn more and check out several examples to get you started.

What does HMU mean?

When requesting something, typically money, the phrase “hit me up” was originally used in such situations and this is the answer of what does hmu mean in a text. As an example, “My brother hit me up when his business failed.” This style is commonly used on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, dating applications like Tinder or Bumble, as well as in a variety of other situations through text message or email.

Since this is a pretty informal style of communication, make sure you are friends in a casual setting with the person you are using it with. Don’t send HMU in a direct message to your boss! If you want somebody to hit you up, make sure they have your contact information, such as your phone number, or that they can DM you by being your follower on a specific platform. Regarding what does hmu mean in a text, keep reading.

A successful encounter with you is always possible when you say HMU. HMU can be applied in the following instances:

Hey buddy, HMU ASAP – you’re a legit internet meme! the year’s biggest trend! Your mentions are just great.

Jenny, hello! Do you want to meet tomorrow? HMU soon, I’d love to talk before the summer ends. HMU is much more than “hit me up” alone. There are numerous definitions for this internet abbreviation. These slangs, however, are less common and need to only be employed occasionally. Make sure to give the reader the appropriate context if you choose to use one of these alternatives of what does hmu mean in a text or on social media platforms to avoid confusing them. Use full form of HMU.

The History of HMU

The phrase “hit me up” is forever associated with hip-hop culture of the 1990s. During that decade, a lot of people, not just drug dealers, talked with each other using one-way pagers.

However, the word “communicate” is probably not accurate because these devices couldn’t receive text-based messages. Instead, phone numbers were provided to them. Your pager would beep (“call”) from a phone call. Your pager would turn on, create an audible “beep,” and display the caller’s phone number so that you could call them back. Keep reading to know more about what does hmu mean in a text.

The very precise paging regulations gave rise to the term “hit up.” Rappers adopted the line in countless hit songs, and it soon took on different meanings. The phrase is now strongly linked to cell phones, which could be considered the current day version of pagers.

That is far more interesting than the origins of our tiny abbreviation, HMU. Evidently, it seemed to appear out of nowhere. HMU originally debuted on Urban Dictionary in 2009, and by the end of 2010, its popularity had completely taken off.

HMU went from being a rare thing to becoming the top trend of the year 2010. Google Trends indicates that searches for what does hmu mean in a text reached their peak in 2010 and then dropped down after around a year. However, this does not always imply that the expression is less used now. HMU’s definition is likely being looked up less because it is now so widely used and understood by most people.

Where Can You Use HMU?

HMU is largely used online on chat applications like Snapchat or WhatsApp as well as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While learning about what does hmu mean in a text, let’s see where you can use this. Use HMU just online even though you might say “hit me up” out loud because the abbreviation hasn’t been widely used. There are various circumstances in which HMU can be used. Here are some examples of them:

Invitation to get together, either now or in the future, at a certain time. For instance, “We need to watch that new released movie! When you have time, hmu.”

You can ask for anything, like opinions or advice. For example, “What place should we eat dinner tonight? hmu with thoughts.”

Flirting, It can be used on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble to begin a discussion or arrange a date. “Hmu if you like animals, travel, and butter cookies,” for instance.

Providing contact details, like your email or phone number. For example, say, “If you would like to chat, hmu on” Read below to know what does hmu mean in a text.

What does HMU mean in text?

Don’t use this slang term when speaking to your employer or teacher because it is inappropriate. when conversing with people of similar standing, particularly at conferences and social gatherings. People who you want to work with or meet again can contact you by calling or texting. This is important to know regarding what does hmu mean in a text.

Though it is frequently quite informal, hitting someone up is an open invitation. It is understandable if you choose not to follow up with or contact someone.

Some folks will tell you to hit them up without genuinely meaning it, so be sure you understand the invitation’s context. You probably won’t hear back from these people if you reach out to them.

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Example of HMU :

  • It was great fun hanging out with you today! HMU, if you wish to repeat it.
  • My business is hiring! If you or someone you know has experience with online marketing, primarily email marketing, HMU.
  • Make sure to HMU the next time you are in town.
  • When you’re ready, HMU!
  • Anyone able to HMU?
  • HMU & I’ll be on my way

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