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Do you know Jesse Bailey Watters? Jesse is a famous political commentator and supporter of conservative politics. Jesse is a panel commentator on the political talk show “The OReilly Show Factor”. The talk show is renowned on Fox News. 

Jesse is also famous for this interview program. The name of this program is “Man-on-the-street.” He has been doing this show since 2015. But recently, Jesse has been trending on social media. Many of his fans want to know- jesse watters salary

In this article, we will discuss many essential points about Jesse. But first, we need to focus on – jesse watters salary.

What do you know about jesse watters salary?

In 2017, he became the most influential political expert in the political sector of the United States. Check out his salary breakup: 

Per day salary- 15,865 USD

Per Month Salary – 68,750 USD

Per Year- 825,000 USD

So, we find jesse watters salary in the above discussion.But it is not the end. We need to focus more on Jesse and his career. It will help us to know more personal and financial statements about him. 

The Early Life of Jesse

Jesse Watters was born on 9 July 1978. He was raised in Philadelphia. His father’s name is Hapgood Watters. He was a teacher. Jesse’s mother’s name is Anne Purvis, and he is a child psychologist. As per ethnicity, Jesse’s family was Irish. But presently, he holds an American passport and citizenship. 


In childhood, Watters attended the famous William Penn Charter School. After that, he moved to Long Island with his family. He completed his graduation from Trinity College in History. 

Start Work

After completing his graduation, Jesse joined Fox News. He started work as a production assistant. In 2003 he received a promotion and became production staff of this prestigious channel. After one year, he joined the show OReilly’s Show. 

Career Advancement

In 2014, Watters started a new show on Fox News. The name of the show was “Outnumbered.” He also worked as a co-host of this show. In 2015, he launched the monthly news program “Watters World.” The show received a massive response from the audience. Even many characterized Watters as an “Ambush Journalist.” 

Audiences like the style and pattern of the news show. After this news program, Jesse again launched another weekly program in 2017. In the same year, he became the co-host of the Roundtable series “The Five.” 

But in 2022, the situation has changed. On 10 January 2022, Watters became the permanent host of the primetime show. The name of the show is “Jesse Watters Primetime.” The program went to the air on 24 January 2022. He also worked as a co-host of another famous program, “The Five”. 

The Political Life of Jesse 

Jesse is a registered voter as a Conservative. He is also a member of the Conservative Party of New York. Jesse believes in conservative thoughts and often discusses the matters on his show. 

Personal Life

In his personal life, Jesse married Inguaninto in 2009. The couple has twin daughters. But in 2018, his wife filed a divorce case against him. This year Watters admitted his relationship with producer Emma DiGiovine. The divorce case was finalized in 2019. After the divorce case, Watters announced his official engagement with Emma. Both news personalities got married in December 2019. They have a son. 

Famous Political Comments of Jesse 

As we all know, Jesse is a political commentator. And he supports conservative thoughts. In July 2022, he commented on the conspiracy theory on QAnon. During his show, Jesse talked about this conspiracy theory. Many people trolled him for his comment. Later he said as a journalist, he must comment on the matter. But he didn’t support any violence. 

In April 2017, he commented on Ivanka Trump. It was the on-air comment, and many people criticized him. Watters said he only liked the appearance of Ivanka. He needed to learn what Ivanka spoke about. Many people were trolled as chauvinists and sadists. But Watters denied all these things. In a statement, he said it was not just a joke and nothing else. But for his comment, the show’s producers disallowed him on the show for two weeks. 

In 2016, people criticized him for his news segment. In this program, Watters commented about Asian Americans. People thought it was a racist program towards Asian Americans. Watters commented on the New York’s Chinatown incident. Watters criticized the cultural factors in Chinatown. 

Even the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, criticized Watters for his comment. Even American Journalist Association also issued a statement against Watters after this issue. The Journalist Association also tagged it as a racist comment. But on 5 October, Watters tweeted “no apology” for his statement. He said it is the political humour program, and he didn’t target anyone or any community. 

Net Worth of Jesse

As per the current report, Jesse’s net worth is nearly five million USD. As per the recent financial reports, Jesse is a vibrant journalist in the United States. He has been working in media for the last two decades. 

Zodiac sign of Jesse

Jesse’s zodiac sign is Cancer. As per the Chinese Zodiac sign, he is a Horse. 

Jesse and social media

Jesse is also popular and active on the social media platform. He has an Instagram account. On this account, Jesse has more than 220,000 followers. Many people follow his profile and comment on social media. Watters is also a public speaker. He often speaks on political issues in the public domain and in seminars. 

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Family Members

Jesse has two daughters. The name of the daughters – are Ellie and Sophie. He also has a son from his second wife. Jesse is now living with his second wife. 

In this article, we discuss all the essential information about Jesse Watters. But we also give you the necessary data about jesse watters salary, net worth and political views. In American media, Jesse is regarded controversial journalist. But he is very famous among his viewers as well. 

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