What Is Integrated Digital Marketing? – 5 Reasons You Need An Integrated Digital Marketing

You spend hours planning the right digital marketing strategy, yet little to no results. But then your competition spends hours doing the same and they get optimum results.

Why is that?

There’s a formula to execute digital marketing that gets consistent results. Counting upon this formula, we as a leading digital marketing agency brought jaw-dropping results for our clients. 

It’s called Integrated Digital Marketing. It helps to enhance your chances of getting noticed and establishes you as a brand. 

You might be thinking what exactly it is? Keep reading.

Integrated Digital Marketing: 

Integrated digital marketing is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. 

In other words, it is an amalgamation of all your digital marketing strategies and communications. It helps to make digital marketing a coherent methodology through which you can cater to your audience.  

Imagine you have designed an extensive email marketing strategy. But there’s no guarantee that your targeted audience will read your emails. The same is applicable to paid ads, social media, content marketing, etc. It is impossible to reach everyone through a single channel.

Integrated digital marketing is a holistic approach to targeting your prospect with the help of multiple channels, strategies, tools, and frameworks. 

Make sure all the channels must be in sync with each other and you should maintain a coherent brand voice throughout those channels. 

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Neglect It:  

Now that you have understood what integrated digital marketing is, let’s deep dive into the undeniable reasons why you should opt for an integrated digital marketing approach. 

(i) Brand Awareness:  

In this digital era, we are heavily dependent on the internet. Open your mobile and check out your screen time. 

We all spend most of our free time on our phones. That implies digital strategy has a huge potential today, and in the upcoming days as well. 

Integrated digital marketing introduces you to a new audience. People will start recognizing you through integrated digital marketing. 

Your prospects are already there on the web, you just need to map out a digital strategy to reach out to them. If you’re starting from scratch or have already been there, an effective digital marketing strategy helps you to build your brand.

Moreover, it also helps to position your brand to your audience that way you wanted it to be.

(ii) High Conversion:

Conversion is the most crucial metric of digital marketing campaigns. The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of users. 

Integrated digital marketing is essential to reach your audience through all the channels. People will start noticing you, and trusting you once they experience your undeniable digital presence. They will be curious to know you.  

The more you reach out to people the better the chances of getting conversions. This is why an integrated strategy is pivotal for conversions. 

Consistent digital marketing is pivotal for a higher return on investment.  

(iii) Saves Time: 

Integrated digital marketing is popular for prompt results. But why do so? 

  • There are multiple frameworks that are already covered under the integrated approach. You don’t need to put in extra effort which in turn saves your time. 
  • By leveraging automated tools you can save a lot of manual labour. This saves you time as well. 
  • Feature-rich modern analytics also helps you save time.  

As you see, the mechanism of integrated digital marketing saves you time. You will experience prompt results for the same.    

For example, if you’re running any campaign, you can gauge the performance within a week. 

(iv) Room For Improvement:  

Successful digital strategy lies under well-designed campaign reports. Integrated digital marketing introduces you to a lot of result-tracking metrics. 

Given the metric you have under the integrated digital strategy, you can easily gauge your performance. It will help you identify your shortcomings. 

Pause or reshape campaigns that are not performing well. Analyse which headlines, ad copies, banners, landing pages, emails, etc. have performed well. Then make the next move. 

Once you have a clear idea about where you went wrong, you should reshape your strategy by avoiding those mistakes. 

(v) Reaching The Right People: 

You have seen banners and hoardings in your city. But what you haven’t recognized is that they are intended to target everyone. 

But not everyone is interested in your business. Here integrated digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing helps you target a specific audience. 

Platforms like Google, Facebook, etc, have highly advanced algorithms. You can set up a custom audience there.

A custom audience is a specific group of people having similar buying patterns, interests, behaviours, tastes, and preferences. 

So you can easily set your audience on your own and if needed you can also exclude them. 

How To Create an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy? 

To reap the benefits of integrated digital marketing, you must have a fail-proof strategy handy! But do you know how to do it the right way? 

What should you consider while creating the same? Let’s delve in! 

(i) Identifying your buyers’ persona: 

Do you know what your audience is exactly expecting? Do thorough research and understand the patterns of your prospect.  

Not Knowing Whom To Target Is The Surest Path To Failure. Here’s How You Can Do The Same: 

  • Understand your prospect’s pain issues.
  • Have a clear idea about their taste and preferences. 
  • Sort them by gender, age, location, income, etc. 

To be successful with your digital marketing campaign, you have to be in their shoes first! 

(ii) Leveraging channel-specific content: 

Once you identified your audience, now it’s time to leverage content. Identify which content performs well on which channels. 

Suppose you are thinking of Instagram, you can consider reels. But if you’re channelizing LinkedIn, you can’t go with reels. 

Understand the channel and shoot your content accordingly.           

Final Thoughts: 

It is evident that integrated digital marketing is the first choice of top practitioners. 

In this article, we have mentioned the perks of integrated digital marketing. But as you know it’s not possible to cover all the aspects of the digital market through a single article. 

If you want us to unravel more dynamics of the same, or anything new that we haven’t covered, simply comment. 

Let us know what you’re not sure about, our expert team will craft value-rich content for you. 

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