Inflatable Camping Tents: Are they Worth Buying?

Inflatable tents are becoming increasingly popular among campers owing to their fast pitching times and high durability. Also known as air tents, inflatable tents are a smart shelter alternative for those who prefer to travel light and enjoy a hassle-free camping experience. Compared to traditional pole tents, these inflatable camping tents are portable and easy to set up, relieving campers of the unnecessary nuisance of pitching the tent at the campsite.

Camping tents have come a long way with incredible evolution in technology that has always aimed to make outdoors fun and comfortable. In the past, shelter used to be a major concern for campers as they struggled with tent poles and large canvas tents that were difficult to assemble.

However, much to the relief of campers and to put an end to the frustration that came along while setting up tents at the campsite, inflatable tents were introduced. These inflatable tents are pole-free and can be easily unfolded in seconds. All that one has to do is blow it up and the shelter will be ready in minutes.

Now, campers no longer have to spend hours setting up their tent. Instead, a quick pump will have the tent rise instantly without exhausting the already tired campers. So, if you are wondering whether or not an inflatable tent is a reliable and worthy purchase, here’s a quick dive into the features, benefits, and comparative study of inflatable tents to help you understand better.

Inflatable tents: What are they?

In simple words, inflatable tents are pole-free tents that appear similar to standard tents. One of the key factors that distinguish inflatable tents from standard ones is the poles that are meant to support the structure of the tents.

Typically, air tents have built-in encased tubes used for pumping air to inflate the tents. The tubes of an air tent are also referred to as air beams that support the structure of the shell. Air tents come in different types and can accommodate upto 6 people comfortably.

Also, inflatable tents are suitable for all camping trips irrespective of the diverse locations or seasons that one camp in. Whether traveling alone or with dear ones, inflatable tents are ideal for both one-day trips and long outdoor stays.

The benefits of inflatable tents

Inflatable tents have become popular among campers because of their unique characteristics and benefits. Given the wide range of tent options available in the market, the buyer’s confusion is quite obvious and they might question the worth of buying inflatable tents.

To end this confusion, the following listed are some key benefits that explain how inflatable tents stack up against other types of tents:

  • Quick setup: The ease and speed at which inflatable tents can be set up is the most attractive feature, making it a favorite among new and experienced campers alike. Obviously, one would hate to struggle to set up traditional pole tents after a tiring trek. With air tents, all that one has to do is roll out the tent and attach the pump to inflate. In minutes, you’ll have a proper shelter to relax and enjoy your trip.
  • Weatherproof: Contrary to what most people presume, inflatable tents make for perfect shelter in all types of extreme weather conditions while ensuring optimal protection. Owing to the built-in beams, the tent tends to flatten in strong winds and the chances of snapping or ripping off the fabric are minimized significantly. Hence, you can be cocooned in your tent without bothering about the weather outside.
  • Easy repairs: Good old duct tape is all that one needs to repair inflatable tents and carry on with their adventurous camping trip. Unlike most items where technological advancements make repairs difficult, modern inflatable tents make set up and repair a breeze. As long as you are prepared, you can manage minor damages without interrupting the trip.
  • Durable & comfortable: The air tents are less likely to break as compared to canvas tents since they are made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The thermoplastic polyurethane material exhibits slight elasticity and resistance to abrasion, making them ideal for windy conditions. Moreover, many air tents are made of special materials that adjust temperatures according to the climatic conditions outside.

Inflatable tents: Strong & Reliable

Despite being filled with air, inflatable tents are as solid and reliable as traditional canvas tents. Usually, these air tents are equipped with guy ropes and pegs, ensuring they are safely grounded. Although punctures and rips are very rare in inflatable tents, many models come with a repair kit that assures quick resolution in cases of emergencies. Also, one can buy extra replacement air tubes to avoid any mishaps during the trip.

All in all, inflatable camping tents are a worthy purchase. However, just like leathermen in NZ, one should invest in good quality air tents made of premium fabric and design to ensure high durability and great comfort.

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