5 Functions of Courier Services and How They’re Different from Postal Services

5 Functions of Courier Services and How They’re Different from Postal Services

When it comes to shipping your products from point A to point B in a domestic setting, you have a few options. But when it comes to international shipping, couriers are the most reliable, cost-effective way to get your shipment from place to place. In this blog post, we will discuss the five functions of courier services and how you can choose the right courier for international shipping.

5 Key Functions of Courier Services

Courier services provide five core functions that make them invaluable in the world of international shipping. Those functions include:

Delivery Confirmation

The ability to confirm the delivery of a package is essential for ensuring that packages reach their intended destination. With delivery confirmation, a customer can be sure that their package is safe and secure until it reaches its final destination.


International courier shipping can take weeks or even months depending on where the package is going and what type of service was used for delivery. With tech-based tracking capabilities, customers can track their packages through each step of the journey with ease and confidence.


Having insurance coverage on an international shipment provides superb peace of mind in case something happens along the way and a claim needs to be filed. Most couriers offer insurance coverage at competitive rates so customers know they are covered if something unforeseen were to occur during transit.

Customisation Options

Many couriers offer customization options such as custom packaging or labelling so customers can tailor their shipments according to their needs or preferences. This allows customers more control over how their shipments look as well as how they are packaged and labelled before they leave the warehouse or shop floor.


Security is always important when dealing with sensitive items such as electronics or valuable goods like jewellery or art pieces. Couriers offer various security measures designed to keep items safe while in transit including tamper-proof packaging, tracking devices, and sophisticated surveillance systems that monitor every movement throughout transit until final delivery is made safely and securely at its destination point.

How To Choose The Right Courier For International Shipping?

When choosing which courier service is best suited for your needs it’s important to do some research first so you can narrow down your choices based on pricing, reliability, features offered, customer service ratings, etc., all before making a decision on which one will best meet your budget requirements as well as any other criteria you may have set for yourself for your business needs. Here are some tips for selecting the right international courier service provider:

Research reputable and reliable options

Look into what kind of services each company offers in terms of pricing structure, customer reviews, quality assurance measures taken by each company (tracking/delivery confirmation) etc., before making any decisions on how you want to handle your international shipments going forward.

Compare costs

While price isn’t everything when deciding who should handle your international shipments – it still plays an important role in determining who gets hired for the job.

Inquire about special discounts

Many companies offer discounts or special deals when ordering multiple shipments at once so be sure to inquire about such deals before signing up with any particular company.

Ask about additional fees

Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees (fuel surcharges/handling fees) etc., that could potentially increase the overall cost per shipment significantly.

Go through reviews and testimonials

Reading feedback from people who have already used certain companies’ services gives you a better idea about what kind of experience you may expect if you decide to hire them for handling your own shipments.

Check out competitors’ websites

Checking out what other companies in similar fields are offering helps give perspective on which ones might be more reliable than others based on the features offered and prices charged per shipment, etc.

How courier services are different from postal services

Courier and postal services provide customers with ecommerce shipping solutions to their mailing needs; however, they differ in a few ways. Courier services are typically conducted through private businesses, offering clients customized packages based on their individual mail needs and preferences. On the other hand, postal services are exclusively provided by the government, and often have much stricter rules and regulations that come along with them.

Courier services also tend to work faster than postal options because they offer door-to-door delivery. Postal services usually require the customer to drop off their package at a designated post office or mailbox.

Courier services offered by Logistic Company like NimbusPost include additional features like delivery progress tracking of your package or even signing upon delivery proof that the package was received. All in all, when it comes to mailing solutions for businesses or personal use, understanding how courier and postal services stack up against each other can help provide peace of mind knowing that your package will always be delivered safely and on time.


Selecting the fastest courier service  provider should not be taken lightly; after all, they will be responsible for getting your product safely across borders without incident or delay! Do plenty of research beforehand (pricing structure/special discounts/reviews/testimonials) so that you find a reputable source capable of meeting all your shipping needs securely and efficiently! Hopefully, this guide has provided useful information regarding the five key functions found in most Best courier service today and how best to go about selecting the right one based on price point and customer satisfaction ratings!

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