How to Draw A Cute Chicken Easily

How to Draw A Cute Chicken. Many creatures in the animal kingdom are already pretty cute! Chicks would be an example of this, as they don’t need any help to look cute.

Also, check our easy coloring pages.

Even if they do, it’s still possible to make them look cuter! This is where cartoon styles come in, as they can help make cute animals look even cuter.

Learning to draw a cute chicken is a great way to create an adorable image that proves it is one!

This tutorial is perfect if you want to make your cute chicken but need help figuring out where to start.

How to Draw A Cute Chicken

Step 1

We will get this guide on how to draw a cute chicken, starting with this chick’s head. First, use some rounded lines for the outline of the head.

The left line is drawn as two bumps, while the right line is a single rounded line.

This is how you can extend a slightly curved line from the front of the head. This will be the beginning of the comb for this chicken.

Finally, draw a small, pointed shape for the chicken’s beak, and then we can move on to step 2 of the tutorial!

Step 2

Let’s now draw the crest on the head to continue this cute chicken drawing. You started this in the previous step and can now finish it.

To form the crest’s bumps, you can draw three rounded lines upside down.

The comb starts from the line you extended in the previous step and ends near the back of your head. Then continue to step 3 of the instructions!

Step 3

In this third step of our tutorial on how to draw a cute chicken, you’ll add some internal details to the image. First, we will draw the eyes.

Draw some small oval shapes on the face with a curved line underneath. You can then add a large pupil to each one.

Finally, for this step, draw a curved line on the body for the wing and then add some more pointed lines for the tail behind it.

Step 4

Now you can add the rest of the body for this cute chicken design as we continue with this fourth step. To draw this body, we will use two connected curved lines.

By making the lines thick and curved, we make this chicken look plump and fluffy for added sweetness!

Once we have drawn this body, we will finish the last details in the fifth part of the guide.

Step 5

The last step of this tutorial on drawing a cute chicken is almost here, but first, we need to add some legs for this adorable chick.

The main thing we’ll add in this step is some thighs for the chicken. You can draw the base of each leg by drawing two rounded shapes at the body’s base.

Next, draw a thick line down and then add the rounded toes of the toes.

Once you’ve drawn these legs, you can add some of your details and elements!

It would be nice to have a background for this image as it would complement this cute scene. What kind of setting would you choose for this cute chicken?

If you are happy with the look, we can proceed to the last step of the guide!

Step 6

This cute chicken drawing is almost done; it takes some pretty paint to finish it!

In our reference image, we chose red tones for the crest on the head, dark orange for the beak and legs, and light gray tones for the body.

We added pink to the chicken’s cheeks for an even cuter touch.

These colors show you one way you can colorize this image, but there are many other ways.

You can go for brighter colors, more realistic colors, or go crazy with your favorite bright and beautiful colors!

Your Cute Chicken Drawing is Finished!

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