How To Draw A Corgi

How To Draw A Corgi. Many dog breeds exist worldwide, leaving plenty of choice for a favourite type! Some like big dogs, some like small ones, and some like all the canine friends they know! Some breeds are even more famous thanks to famous people who love them too. It’s hard to have the Queen of England as a fan, as she adores the adorable corgi.

This made many other people like this breed and wondered how to draw a corgi. This step-by-step guide to drawing a corgi in six steps is a tutorial fit for a queen! You can draw many more characters like easy goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

We’ll start this guide by drawing a corgi, starting with the head. Corgis have fluffy heads with big ears, so we’ll draw those things for your corgi. First, you can create the two ears by drawing two large curved lines with a smaller line between them for the top of the head. Then you can draw curved lines with sharp, jagged parts for the side of the head. Once you have completed this plan, you are ready to move!

Step 2:

Now that you have the head outline of your corgi drawing, you can start with your corgi’s body. Corgis have stocky little bodies with short legs; that’s how we’ll design yours! Using a few curved lines, draw carefully from the outline of the head to create your corgi’s back and chest. Then you can draw short and short legs under the chest. Finally, draw a tail at the back with another short leg attached to another curved line for this step. It looks complicated, but follow the reference image carefully to ensure you’re on top!

Step 3:

You’ll draw an adorable face in this step of our guide to drawing a corgi! For the corgi’s eyes, you can use two black circles, which are coloured but have a small white dot on each to make it blink. The nose will be in the shape of a rounded triangle, and then you can use two rounded lines for a smiling mouth below the nose. Be sure to add a little tongue sticking out for extra sweetness! Finally, add a few lines to the left foot at the front of your drawing to create the leg for this step.

Step 4:

We’ll start adding details to your corgi drawing in this next step. First, draw shapes inside the outlines of the ears to create the inner ear sections. Then, as shown in the reference image, you can draw curved lines down from the top of the head and around the eyes. Finally, add some detail to the legs to show the toe splits.

Step 5:

It’s almost time for the last colouring step of this guide on how to draw a corgi, but we have a few more details to add. These details will go around your corgi’s shoulders and just above the feet. You can achieve these details using jagged lines to create a furry effect. Then you can add whiskers and small line details throughout the drawing as a finishing touch. Once you’ve added these details, what else will you add to twist this drawing?

You can also draw toys for your corgi to play with or create a fantastic background! You are considering that corgis have a real reputation. He might even wear a crown! The possibilities are endless, and you must let your creativity run wild. How will you personalize this adorable corgi drawing?

Step 6:

This last part of your corgi drawing is where you can let your creativity run free by incorporating some beautiful colours into your image! As you can see in our reference image, we used brown, tan and pink for our corgi image, but feel free to use any colour you like! This is your drawing, so feel free to express yourself through colour.

Even if you go for a more realistic colour scheme for your corgi, you can still inject colour into your image by colouring in the background details you’ve added. Playing with different artistic mediums can also change the appearance of the colour. Whether you use a painting medium like acrylic or watercolour or choose crayons, pens, and crayons, there’s no wrong answer, and whatever you choose will look great!

Finished Drawing!

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