How to Choose the Right Onewheel Accessories for Your Riding Style

The Onewheel is an enjoyable and exciting way to explore your city or hit the trails, and various accessories can enhance your riding experience. However, with so many options available, choosing the right accessories for your riding style can be overwhelming. In this blog, we will discuss some tips to help you choose the right Onewheel accessories.

What is a Onewheel Skateboard?

A Onewheel is an innovative and unique type of electric skateboard with a single wheel in the center of the deck. It’s a self-balancing electric skateboard with advanced technology to provide a smooth and intuitive riding experience. The Onewheel is designed to be used on various surfaces, including pavement, dirt trails, and grassy fields, making it a versatile and fun mode of transportation.

It’s powered by an electric motor and is controlled by the rider’s balance and body movements, similar to a snowboard or surfboard. Onewheels are popular among commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to get around.

Tips To Choose the Right Onewheel Accessories

  1. Determine Your Riding Style

The first step in choosing the right Onewheel accessories is determining your riding style. Do you primarily ride on pavement, or do you enjoy hitting off-road trails? Are you looking for speed or comfort? Once you have a clear idea of your riding style, you can choose accessories specifically designed to enhance your experience.

  1. Consider Your Safety

Safety should always be a top priority when riding a Onewheel. Before choosing any accessory, make sure it is designed with safety in mind. This includes protective gear like helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and accessories like lights and reflective tape that can make you more visible to drivers and pedestrians.

  1. Choose the Right Tires

Tires are one of the essential Onewheel accessories, as they can greatly impact your ride. If you primarily ride on pavement, a slick tire with a harder compound will give you more speed and agility. If you enjoy off-roading, a tire with a knobby tread and softer compound will give you more traction on dirt and gravel.

  1. Look for Comfort Enhancers

Riding a Onewheel can be a bit jarring, especially if you ride on rough terrain. Fortunately, some accessories can enhance your comfort and reduce fatigue. Footpads with extra cushioning like the love hump can help absorb shocks, while fenders can protect your feet from dirt and debris.

  1. Enhance Your Range

If you want to ride your Onewheel for longer, there are various accessories that can enhance your range. These include chargers that can charge your board faster. A slick tire also tends to ride further on a single charge than a treaded tire

  1. Protect Your Investment

Most of the exposed parts of a onewheel are replaceable. If you damage your tire, footpads or bumpers, those things can be replaced. However, the side rails of the onewheel are part of the base unit and any scratches will be there for the life of the board. As such, most riders will invest in board rail guard protectors which are hard plastic stickers that cover and protect the side rails. Plastic plugs are also available to reduce the risk of water splashing into the charging port of the board.

  1. Make It Your Own Style

Many onewheel accessories come in multiple colors that allow you to make your onewheel fit your own style and personality. Some riders will choose to replace the stock black bumpers with a colored bumper and may also choose a colorful fender and rail guards. You can have all your accessories in the same color or choose complementary or contrasting colors.

  1. Find the Right Carrying Solution

Finally, finding the right carrying solution for your Onewheel and its accessories is important. A backpack or carrying bag can make it easier to transport your board, while racks or mounts can keep your board and accessories organized in your home or garage. You should buy them from a trusted onewheel shop like Status Skateshop, which also provides demo rides of the Onewheel GT, Pint X and Pint every single day in Southern California.

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