How is a kids hoverboard made?

The kids hoverboard is a small platform that connects two wheels and nothing else. The platform is not fixed but articulated and all the actions (movement, curvature and acceleration) are driven by the weight of the body and by other sensors (such as the gyroscope, i.e. the rotating device that reads the position of the center of gravity and which, based on the change of the same, activates other sensors or other devices). The sensors are able to “read ” any change in the position of the center of gravity of the body above them.

In addition to the standard systems that the kids hoverboard may have, there may also be additional features that affect both the quality of the product and its price. Naturally, the more technological accessories a product has, the more efficient its use could be. Every kids hoverboard always has, at a minimum, a battery level indicator and an LED light that indicates whether the system is self-balancing or not (motion indicator). Other such systems can be GPS sensors, music speakers, Bluetooth, remote control (remote on and off), automatic shutdown, and security key.

How do you ride a hoverboard for kids?

The operation of the kids hoverboard is very simple and is all based on the weight of the body, Most hoverboards have a speed control system that is activated thanks to the combined action of the acceleration sensor and the gyroscope. This combination of sensors is part of the so-called ” dynamic inertial stabilization system “, i.e. a particular control and safety system that ensures stability. This system ensures that balance is maintained when the body is in an anterior or posterior but not a lateral position.

How to turn on, get on, off and use a hoverboard?

How to turn on a hoverboard. To ” start ” hoverboards for kids simply press the appropriate power button. At this instant, the system will also turn on an LED indicating that the device is self-balancing. It is possible to go up if, on the contrary, the light is green. It is very important that the device reaches a stable balance otherwise the wheels will not lock, the platform will not be balanced and it is very likely to fall during the ascent.

How to get on the hoverboards for kids.

Here are all the steps to learn how to use a kids hoverboard:

  • During the ascent, first, place one foot on the platform and then the other. Between one step and the next, the device will feel the person’s weight and activate self-balancing. In this way, the platform will remain stationary and balanced until the person has fully climbed onto the platform
  • Test the movements (from all sides of the body) and remember that these movements must not be excessive
  • Before stepping off the platform, make sure the kids hoverboard is completely stopped. Once stable, step off the platform first with one foot and then with the other, avoiding sudden movements.

How to get off the hoverboards for kids.

Before getting off the hoverboards for kids, as mentioned, you have to be very careful that the whole device is completely stopped. The descent from the kids hoverboard must be done from the rear, never from the front. In this way, the risk of falling and losing balance during the descent is much less.

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