During The Graduation Ceremony – What You Need To Do

After 3 to 4 years, the University organizes the graduate ceremony events to celebrate the day and acknowledge the graduates. After a hundred unsleep nights and crazy exam schedules, the day finally came. 

Every college student is excited about that particular day. However, the graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable days of every university student. 

Here are a few significant factors that you must know before organizing the graduation ceremony. You should prepare for the big day. 

What You Need To Do: During The Graduation Ceremony

How long does graduation take? – it depends on the institution or college. Along with this, here is the list of things that you should know of before making the graduation ceremony. We can understand you may have imagined many things about this ceremony. So, let’s see what you must do during the graduation ceremony.  

  1. Attendance Size

The first and foremost thing is the attendance size. How many students are coming to present that day. A number of guests, parents, faculty members  and press are coming to attend. You need to list down their name and occupation and arrange it according to their list. Make sure everyone gets seats. 

However, these numbers of attendance help you to decide the space you need. So, don’t forget to do this. 

  1. Ceremony Location

The second thing is the location. Once you have made the list of attendance people, you can now understand the space size. The location should be the premises of the university/ campus, or if you rent any auditorium or open space, then make sure the location is around 1 km from the college or university. 

Conference center, campus ground, or any other suitable venue near the college. Remember the parking area, stage and plenty of space for sitting must be there. 

  1. Time and Date

Fix one particular date and time to hold the graduation ceremony. You will need to organize a meeting with faculty and alumni members and set the date. After fixing the date and time, announce the date via email or official social media platform and website. 

And don’t forget to share notice forms on the college campus. As soon as possible, you spread the notice; it will help you to conduct the process quickly. 

  1. Gowns And Hats

Yes, you need to gather gowns and graduation caps as per the student numbers. No graduation ceremony is complete without the inaugural hats and graduation gowns. You need to purchase sufficient gowns and caps to make sure every student gets them. 

Through email, you can ask students to share their accurate sizes. However, you can gather this information through HOD (head of the department). 

  1. Certificates And Booklets

The entire program is organized to certify the students. In this case, you need to order them in advance. Once you have done the calculation of the students, you need to be ordered for the certification in advance. 

Hence, certification should be customized; therefore pre-booking is required. If you want to give a greeting card to a student’s parents, you must order them in advance. 

  1. Custom Sashes And Stoles

Decide if you would like to get a custom logo or color sashes or stoles. There are many companies that customize sashes or stoles as per college alumni requirements. 

Contact them early to arrange your unique stoles or sashes. 

  1. Catering

Food is required to be provided. Whatever level of catering you want, basic refreshments, snacks or more sophisticated dining, you will need to arrange. 

If the graduation ceremony is held in the hotel or banquets, they can arrange all of these things efficiently. Contact them early for pricing and arrangement.

  1. Furniture

However, many venue holders provide furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, benches, and all decorations. If not, you should contact event planners who are efficient in arranging graduation ceremonies. 

  1. Set The Agenda

Set the time for every singular speaker. Build a team and ask to take responsible top conduct the speech function accordingly. Once the agenda is fixed, it will be easy to conduct the function smoothly. 

  1. Get Set Up

Now everything is set up. Now the time has come when everything should be executed. The last thing you should remember is you need to be ready at least 1 hour in advance. 

 Plus, ensure the venue is open at least 1 hour early from the function time. 


These are the few things that you must consider to organize a graduation ceremony. However, this day is to be enjoyed. No matter if you are in the organizing department. Every student and their family members are happy to celebrate this day with graduation caps, gowns, and certificates. 

So, sit back and enjoy the day. You are going to witness a memorable day of students. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article. If you like it then stay tuned with us for more information.

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