Google’s flagship phone, the Pixel 2 XL, is now more affordable.

Let’s start with the most important thing: Dieter Bohn’s thorough review of Google’s new Pixel 2 phones is The Verge’s final word on them. Usually, I never question Dieter’s reasoning, but this time, we have different ideas about an important part of Google’s flagship duo. Dieter thinks that the Pixel 2 XL Used screen has some problems, but they can be worked around. I, on the other hand, think it’s a disaster that can’t be fixed.

During this time, I’ve had a lot of fun with Android 8.0, Google’s new look, and the amazing Pixel camera. As an Android user, I can say with certainty that these new Pixels are the only Android phones that bring me closer to the perfect phone. But I’ve mostly been using the smaller Pixel 2 this week because the Pixel 2 XL’s screen quality is so bad.

  • This makes me sad because the 2 XL is better than the 2 in several ways: the edges are smaller, the battery lasts longer, and the screen is bigger. It’s annoying that I have to talk to LG Display, the company that made the screen, about my problems with it.
  • ┬áIf you’re looking for a place to stay, you’ve come to the right place. Look at the bright colors that are shown. I see a green cloud in the middle of the gothic “T,” which fades into a red tint and then back into the white that was meant. But that’s not the end of the fun. When you look closely, you can see a purple-red and green fringe around the sides of the icon. In the same way, the heart icon next to it, which should be white, looks like a mix of red, green, and white micropixels.

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Does that look like 2017 to you?

  • At this point, you may be excitedly waiting for your amazing Google phone that you preordered to arrive. You might even be trying to convince yourself that this problem doesn’t bother you. But just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean you can’t feel it. Your eyes will see these flaws, and you’ll get upset like I did because you won’t know why. When you think about it, it’s not that hard to believe.

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  • When watched from an angle other than straight on, the screen has a blue tint, which is another big reason why people are frustrated. You may remember this problem from 2011, when Samsung first started making phones with OLED screens. Phones like the Galaxy S II looked great from the front, but from any other angle, they had a blue color. Even when everything is perfect, the Pixel 2 XL’s OLED screen doesn’t impress. It also has that annoying blue tint that we thought was gone for good.

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