Most of the people these days love to watch movies and web series and they often try to download movies from torrent websites for free. One such very popular torrent website is jio rockers tamil. It is loved by audiences as no other website uploads the latest movies from various film industries such as Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood and more. However, this torrent site is banned by Google for its pirated content but it can still be used and accessed and to know the process, read this article till the end. 

As you scroll down, you will find out a lot of details about this website such as how to access it on mobile and desktop, how to download movies from this website, what are its best alternatives and many more. So keep reading to find out all the information.

How to access jio rockers tamil website on mobile and desktop?

As you know, Jio Rockers Tamil is a piracy site which is illegal, so because of this privacy issue, Jio Rockers has to face various blocks and for these reasons many people from different countries cannot access this website. So to help you out, we have mentioned below the steps which you must follow to access Jio Rockers Tamil website.

  1. Method to access for Mobile-
  2. Firstly, you need to use a VPN so that you can change your location. There are many good VPN apps that you can use on your android device.
  3. Then, once you have installed the VPN app, open the app and select and change the location to the United States of America. After you are done changing it, you are recommended to check the IP address to confirm. 
  4. Now, if the IP address has been changed, you need to go to the official website of Tamilrockers and there you will get complete access to the jio rockers tamil website from where you can download any movie that you like. 
  5. Method to access for Desktop-
  6. So if you are a desktop user and want to access it there then you must be using the Chrome browser but if you do not, then just install it first. Then, you need to install a VPN app on the desktop. It’s actually different for the desktop. You need to install a VPN extension here.
  7. We would recommend you to use Tunnelbear, it’s quite good.
  8. After you have installed and set up the VPN, connect your location to the United States of America. Also, this VPN does not require you to register, so it’s also very easy to use.
  9. Now, after connecting to the new IP address, go to the official site of the Jio Rockers Tamil and you are all set to use it. 

How to download movies from jio rockers tamil?

So below mentioned are the steps to download movies from Jio Rockers Tamil Movie:

  1. Firstly, open your browser and then open Jio Rockers Tamil on it. After the website is opened, you will get to see some of the latest uploaded movies on it.
  2. On the homepage, you will also see a search bar which you can use to search for the movie that you want to see or download. So write the name of the movie that you need to download in that search box. After you do it, it will show you the results and that particular movie will appear that you have searched for. 
  3. Now before we proceed further, as you know, jio rockers tamil website is a torrent site and is illegal, so to earn money, they use pop-up ads and so it becomes compulsory for the user to face them while using this website. You will actually face at least 5 ads cut and that too one-after-one and it is also not easy to bypass these ads. But if you are a desktop user, you can use some ad-blocker extension to block these ads. You just need to go to the chrome extension tool and search ‘Ad Blocker’ and there you will find it very easily.
  4. So, after you are done blocking the ads, you will not get to see the thumbnail of the movie. So just click on it to play. Also remember that even if this site is torrent, it still allows you to want all the movies online. 
  5. And if you don’t want to see it online and download it, then you will get the download option just below the movie’s content. So just click on ‘Download’ and the downloading will start in a few seconds. And if you are using or accessing it on a laptop, then you can also use ‘IDM’ software to make your download faster.

Also remember that as this website is torrent and the content offered by it is illegal, so the government has strict laws against it in countries like the USA. and so if you get caught, you could also get in some trouble. So it is recommended to go and watch movies in cinema hall or on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon etc.

Which are the best legal alternatives of jio rockers tamil?

Watching movies online legally is one of the best ways to watch it and there are many websites and applications that provide free as well as paid movies legally. So we have written below names of some of the best sites that you can check out.

  1. Voot- This can be used to watch live networks, news, Tv shows and movies for completely free.
  2. MX Player- Movies and web series are available in many languages here and users can watch free Tv shows and movies. 
  3. Zee5- It is available on web, ios, android and smart tv’s. Provides all types of TV shows, movies, kid channels etc.

And other amazing platforms are Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Popcornflix and more.

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Jio rockers tamil is considered to be one of the most popular movie downloading sites irrespective of uploading pirated content and being a torrent website as people their content way too much and because of that we have mentioned above the details of how to access this website and how to download movies using it. But it is important to know that piracy is illegal and is not safe. So users are recommended to not watch and download movies using any illegal website and prefer to watch movies either in cinema halls or on OTT or other legal platforms such as Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime etc.

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