Features of Desktop Magnifying Glass With Light

Desktop magnifying glass, or desktop magnifying glass with light, is a magnifying glass shaped like a desk lamp. There are two types. Desktop magnifying glass with light generally has the following characteristics Pound Toy Discount Code NHS. 

There are two ways to place it: one is placed on the table, and the other is placed on the edge of the table;

Double combination of magnification and lighting, the magnification can be selected according to different requirements;

The lens area is relatively large, the field of view is relatively wide, and the light transmittance is higher than that of ordinary magnifying glasses;

The multi-segment retractable or rotatable handle (or neck) can freely adjust the direction and angle of the magnifying glass in a large range.

Generally speaking, using a desktop lighted magnifier can eliminate the need for other types of magnifiers such as clip magnifiers, hand-held magnifiers, etc.

Restricted by factors such as optical principles, the magnification of a magnifying glass is generally inversely proportional to the area of the lens.

The larger the mirror area, the smaller the multiple. The most common lens diameter or size of the desktop lighted magnifying glass series is above 100mm (the largest is 220mm in diameter).

Therefore, the desktop magnifying glass with light cannot replace the high power magnifying glass to use.

If the object you need to observe needs to be magnified many times, the desktop magnifier cannot fully satisfy you, and you need another series of handheld magnifiers to assist observation.

But it will show its insufficiency when the light is relatively dark, or when the details of the observed object need enough light. A flashlight is a good choice, but what if there is no such tool at hand?

After all, a hand-held lighted magnifying glass is much more convenient than holding both a magnifying glass and a flashlight Adams toy box Discount Code NHS.

The British COIL magnifying glass has made outstanding achievements in the research of hand-held magnifying glasses with lights. Kohl’s hand-held lighted magnifiers feature an ultra-stable light source circuit system.

COIL’s ATMAX series and AT8 series use touch switches, which are more convenient to use. The reason why COIL magnifying glass has been able to occupy the first place in the global market share for a long time is that COIL is the leader of the global magnifying glass technology brand.

The company invests a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of magnifying glass technology every year. Without a particularly eye-catching appearance, its clarity will be significantly better than other brands:

COIL patented lens materials and coatings

To ensure high light flux and clarity, and more importantly, to ensure that the image will not be distorted due to magnification. This makes COIL the best magnifying glass product in the world.

Extra large lenses and field of view

Under the same magnification, the COIL magnifier has a larger lens and field of view than other brands. This design is derived from COIL’s unique lens technology. In this way, the user can use the magnifying glass more conveniently and quickly.

For example, as a Jianbao portable magnifying glass, products with 10 times COIL, such as COIL’s world’s best-selling Jianbao special magnifying glass 8271.

11 times magnification, and its lens size is 40MM, while other brand magnifying glasses of the same level, such as Yi The lens size of Shibao 1511 series such as 151112 and 151110 is only 35MM.

The lens and field of view are much smaller. In this way, COIL’s 8271 will be more suitable for observing targets.

In addition, COIL’s ATMAX series can be called the classic of the global magnifying glass. Its three products are very well-known.

These three products are the only portable magnifying glasses with super large lenses with LED lights in the world.

Among them, the 83*59 large lenses of 8273 are especially suitable for the elderly. This product is also the best product for the elderly, and it is also the top product of the magnifying glass for the elderly.

Super stable light source circuit system

Some of COIL’s high-end products include AT8 series, ATMAX series, and RAYLITE series, such as its well-known 8271 magnifying glass for treasures and 8273 advanced magnifying glass for the elderly.

It uses a stable circuit system inside. Unlike other brands of magnifying glasses that are directly connected to LEDs through DC power etc.

It is precisely because of the internal stable circuit system that the stability and uniformity of the light source are guaranteed and the clarity of the magnifying glass is provided.

Touch switch, easy to use

COIL’s ATMAX and AT8 series both use tactile switches. And the AT8 series such as 8271 special magnifying glass for Jianbao also uses rechargeable batteries. Which is very convenient to use.

How to make slippers with lights

I believe many friends will like it. Let’s try it together


  • slippers
  • flashlight
  • utility knife
  • Pen


  1. First take out the slippers and the flashlight.
  2. Use a utility knife to remove the flashlight’s emitter.
  3. Draw the appropriate illuminator shape on the sole.
  4. Use a utility knife to cut out the card slot.
  5. Press the illuminator into the slot.
  6. At this time, the slippers with lights are ready. And the slippers will light up when you take a small step

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