Download Twitter videos to your computer 

Twitter has seen a surge in video content over the past week, with topics ranging from Black Lives Matter marches to amusing cat videos and adorable newborn footage. After a coworker inquired as to whether or not it was feasible to save and store such videos on a personal computer, I set out to discover how this can be accomplished, either for future reference or for sharing with loved ones outside of the immediate Twitter community.

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So what do you know? Once you know how, storing a movie is a breeze. You may save a video from Twitter by following these simple instructions and using the appropriate software.

Only one site makes it easy to save a video from Twitter: It’s a tool for downloading videos from Twitter.

In order to successfully download videos from Twitter, you should use this website. If you want to save a video from Twitter, you’ll need to copy the URL to the tweet containing the video, then paste that link into the text area on either site, and then click download.

Photos in a tweet may be save with a few touches. But videos are a whole different ballgame. Downloading a video from Twitter requires a few extra steps and, in most cases, a third-party tool, but is otherwise not too difficult.

Twitter Video Downloader Tool

You must be aware that downloading videos from Twitter is not possible. You need the URL of the private video you wish to download in order to accomplish this though. You must first submit a request to the private account for this, and if it is allow, you need only copy the video’s URL and go to

There are three quality settings that may be select when using the Twitter Video downloader. For automatic downloading, click Download next to the appropriate file size.

The simplest methods to download Twitter videos on laptop and computer devices are as follows.

  1. Firstly you should find the twitter video post on Twitter official website and copy video address. 
  1. When you found the video post give a right click on video and select the video address or click the share button then select copy link to tweet. 
  1. Visit twitter video downloader in your browser and paste the copied video address in the input box. 
  1. Click the download symbol button then twitter video will appear in same page with video resolutions and Download buttons. 
  1. Play the video before downloading and click on the Download button you want. 
  1. Download will be started and save in your laptop and computer. 

An Overview of the Article

By according to the aforementioned procedures, you will be able to download Twitter videos onto your computer in a variety of quality settings. It’s possible to download videos from Twitter and view them whenever you like.


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