Discovering the Flavors and Aromas of Indian Food

India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines. Indian food is famous for its rich flavors, aromatic spices, and vibrant colors. From north to south and east to west, each region of India has its unique cooking style and ingredients. In this article, we will delve into the world of Indian cuisine, specifically exploring the best non-vegetarian starters and dishes that you must try.

Non-Vegetarian Starters

Tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, and chicken 65 are popular non-vegetarian starters, known for their rich flavors, aromatic spices, and tender meat. Try them with mint chutney or tamarind sauce.

1.Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular non-vegetarian starters in India. This dish is marinated in a mixture of yogurt, spices, and lemon juice and then grilled in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven. The result is juicy, tender chicken with a smoky flavor and a hint of spice. It’s often served with mint chutney and onion rings.

2.Seekh Kebab: Seekh kebab is another popular starter in India. Prepared ground meat (usually beef or lamb), spices, and herbs, these skewers are grilled over charcoal to give them a smoky flavor. They’re usually served with mint chutney or tamarind sauce.

3.Chicken 65 : Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originated in southern India. The chicken is mixed with spices, chili paste, and yogurt, then deep-fried to a crispy golden brown. It’s often served as an appetizer or snack and pairs well with a cold beer.

Best Non-Vegetarian Dishes

1.Butter Chicken: Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, is one of the best non-vegetarian dishes in India. It’s made with slow-cooking chicken in a creamy tomato-based sauce. The sauce is spiced with garam masala, cumin, coriander, and other aromatic spices. This dish is rich, flavorful, and perfect for soaking up with some warm naan bread.

2.Biryani : Biryani is a classic Indian dish staple at weddings and special occasions. It’s a flavorful rice dish cooked with spices, meat (usually chicken, beef, or mutton), and vegetables. Each region of India has its unique version of biryani, but the essential ingredients remain the same. This dish is a celebration of flavor and aroma.

3.Chicken Tikka Masala: Chicken tikka masala is a dish that is loved by millions of people all over the world. It’s made by cooking marinated chunks of chicken in a spicy tomato-based sauce. The sauce is creamy, aromatic, and tangy enough to make your taste buds dance. This dish is ideally served with some fluffy basmati rice or naan bread.


Indian food is a true feast for the senses. There is something for everyone, from vibrant colors and fragrant spices to rich flavors and succulent meats. Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or prefer milder dishes, you’re sure to find something you love. So, next time you’re craving some delicious food, why not try some of the best non-vegetarian starters and dishes India offers? You won’t be disappointed!

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