Jeffrey spaide or Jeffrey Allen Spaide was an American Shipboard Engineering Technician. He was born on 16 June 1973 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and was 47 years old when he died on 1 February, 2021. His hometown was Plains Township, Luzeme County, Pennsylvania. 

He used to work for the United States Navy and he was also a licensed engineer for almost more than 20 years. Jeffrey graduated from Villanova University and he used to live alone in Plains Township.

Jeffrey was peacefully living with his neighbours in the municipality of Pennsylvanian. He also seemed to be a law-abiding person and did not had any rap sheets but then on 1 February, 2021, he was pushed to the edge by two of his neighbours and as a result of all this, he snapped, shot them and committed suicide. Sounds shocking, right? Well, it does, and there is a story behind all this that explains how this incident actually happened and so you will get to know about it in this article.

As you scroll down, you will find out all the details about what happened that led to the incident of shooting and what really happened after the shooting.

What exactly happened that led to the incident of shooting of jeffrey spaide?

On 1 February 2021, the Nor’easter storm dumped 17.2 inches of snow on New York City’s Central Park, almost 32 inches of snow in some other towns like New Jersey, Newton, Nazareth and Pennsylvania and particularly in Plains Township, which was Jeffrey Spaide Pennsylvania hometown, the storm dumped very heavy snow. 

That morning, he went out of his house and saw that the whole driveway was covered with snow and so went back to his house and took out a shovel to clear some snow. Then, he proceeded to his driveway to clear the snow so that freezing or thawing cycles do not form impenetrable ice on his driveway, but actually Jeffrey was not the only one who was clearing the snow there. Apart from him, Goy and James were also there to remove the snow from their cars. Now, what reports suggest is that instead of clearing the snow that they both had removed from their cars to a different area, they both actually pushed the snow across the street and then threw it on the property of the Jeffrey.

Now, as Jeffrey saw this, he asked both of them to stop throwing the snow onto his property but they both did not listen. Instead, this request allegedly sparked the heat between both of them and so the neighbours soon started to yell and traded insults at each other. Then, James Goy started to throw an implement, with the help of which he was clearing the snow from his car and approached Jeffrey and James also raised his fist at jeffrey spaide in a heated exchange to show a threatening gesture to him.

After this threatening gesture, Jeffrey went inside his house and left both of the neighbours outside. They both still yelled at him and continued with name calling. Then finally James Goy made an obscene gesture as he went back to his house.

Then when he came out of his house, he had a gun in his hand and the Goys also acknowledged that he had a gun but they still continued to shout names at him from the middle of the street. After this, Jeffrey opened the fire but still both the boys did not react to anything. So he then opened the fire with many shots, even some going off at a close range to the boys and striked them. But this was definitely not the end as jeffrey spaide again went into his house and came out with another weapon and then he just fired upon both of them and killed them.

When all this was happening, some of the neighbours who heard the sound of the shots called the police when he again went to his house to get the second weapon. As the police approached, neighbours heard the sound of another shot coming from Jeffrey’s house and this shot was actually the self-inflicted shot which killed Jeffrey. Maybe he did not want to end up in prison for the incident of killing his neighbours. 

Neighbours actually heard a dozen shots being fired but the police later confirmed that Jeffrey shot almost 20 rounds during the confrontation. The shooting incident ofJeffrey went viral on a few of the social media platforms but ultimately these platforms removed the video of the incident because it was totally against the guidelines of their community.

What happened after the shooting of jeffrey spaide?

After this incident happened, Jeffrey Spaide’s obituary hailed him as a person who enjoyed running marathons and spending quality time with his friends and family. He was survived by his father William, sisters Sharlon and Jessica and his brother William Jr. and he was a loving son and a brother. 

Before this incident happened and the shooting went viral, nobody really knew him and had never seen Jeffrey Spaide’s picture but then his picture emerged online after a few days of it which showed that he was a well-composed individual who was always happy to be around his family and loved ones. 

Even though there was no Facebook page or account of him, people who sympathised with him created his page to remember him as a great man and friend who was an amazing person. Many people also remember him as a man who dutifully fulfilled his duty for the nation.

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Where was jeffrey spaide buried?

His family and friends buried him at the Saint Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Cemetery in Freeland, Luzeme County, Pennsylvania, United States of America in the presence of his loved and closed ones.


Jeffrey spaide was an American shipboard engineering technician who worked for the Navy of the United States. He used to live alone and had neighbours named Lisa Goy and James Goy in Plains Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. But then on 1 February 2021, he shot both his neighbours after a heated argument and then turned the gun on himself and shot him.

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