How to charge a car batteries at Home with different Methods

Changing a car battery at home is very important and necessary for all the car users . Basically there are 3 methods to charge a car battery at home.

Usually, the life of a car battery is around 4-5 years after that if the car fails to start or there is no ignition then it is obvious that the battery is dead and it’s time for a change, or to recharge those batteries till the further time.

Now the question which everyone is concerned about is 


Here we are going to discuss how to recharge a car battery when it dies at home. What is the equipment required to get the battery recharged ?

How to charge a car battery at home ?

There are basically 3 methods to charge the car battery at home 

  1. Battery charger 
  2. Home Inverter 
  3. Jump starting the car 

Battery charger

The first method that comes to our list is the car battery charger. For this having a car battery charger is a must, one should have a car battery charger to get going further .

Also, it’s very much necessary for all to work with all the safety by performing the method. Wearing safety eyewear and electricity-resistant gloves is a must. Make sure your feet and hands are dry and clean before standing on a damp area. Read the user instructions for the charger thoroughly before starting.

Firstly, open the hood of the car then make yourself familiar with the under the hood things then with all the precautions and proper knowledge disconnect the battery terminals and remove the battery from its place. After taking the battery out make sure to wipe it with a clean cloth just to make the battery clean. 

After removing the battery keep at a safe place and get your car battery charger and place it beside the car battery point.

Now make sure you connect the black wire (negative)to the black port (negative) and red wire (positive) to the red port (positive). beware and don’t touch any wire with bare hands safety is the first priority.

After attaching everything, connect the battery charger with the power outlet and then it will successfully get charged.

The second method is by using Home inverter


Most households have inverters nowadays. Mostly the voltage generated by inverters is around 12V which is enough to charge a car battery.

There are also inverters in the market which also do run on 24V,36Vand 48V which makes it convenient for charging a car battery. 

The process to charge a car battery remains the same, the main difference is the power outlet (here the power outlet is a home inverter).

To be very specific inverters are not meant to be used for charging car batteries but in case of emergency, one should consider using this method of a Home inverter to charge the car’s dead battery to get going.

The last and final method to charge a car battery at home is by jump-starting a car from another car.

Jump Starting

In this method, the car battery is given a spark from another car using a jump start cable.

This method requires two cars. Both cars should be parked in neutral with handbrakes on and ignition off.

Now with the help of a jump cable connect the red wire to the red port of both the car working battery one and non-working battery one. And similarly, connect the black wire to the black port of both the car.

Give ignition to the car which has the working battery and leave it on for some time. After some time, I ignited the car with the dead battery. The car will get a spark from the working battery and will start.

After the successful process removes the jump cables starting from removing the black ones first. and make sure to keep the car on for at least 30 minutes.

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