Capital Vacations Marks the Six Best Snorkeling Locations on Cayman Island

Grand Cayman provides excellent experiences both above and below the water. On a trip to Cayman Island through Capital Vacations, one can choose to don a mask and snorkel, to explore a captivating landscape of coral and tropical fish. No previous experience or skill is needed to go snorkeling here. One just needs to know about swimming and purchase or rent snorkeling gear.

Capital Vacations underlines the top snorkeling locations on Cayman Island

Thanks to its clear water, protected marine reserves, and accessible shipwrecks, Grand Cayman is one of the best snorkeling destinations on the planet.

Here are some of the key snorkeling locations on Cayman Island:

  • Stingray City and Sandbar (North Sound):  One would find two sites here that are accessible only by boat. First is the shallower Sandbar, which is 3ft-4ft deep, and the other is Stingray City which lies at 12ft. The latter is often termed as the best 12ft dive in the world. While snorkeling here, one shall be surrounded by dozens of tame southern stingrays, who usually brush past the divers with their silky wings while looking for food.
  • Turtle Reef (West Bay): This is primarily a shore dive with a mini wall, where snorkelers can follow the edge of the wall, and take a look at vibrant soft corals and reef fish. Access to water is easy from Macabuca, which is opposite the Turtle Centre in West Bay. Lucky divers may also catch a glimpse of stingrays and sea turtles.
  • Lighthouse Point: Only a short swim from the shore, this destination allows snorkelers to enjoy the thriving reefs and mini walls at Lighthouse Point. They may also get the chance to see the Guardian of the Reef statue.
  • Seven Mile Beach: The popular snorkeling spots here are cemetery beach, governors beach, and Marriott. At the cemetery beach, one has to swim out to sea for around five to ten minutes to find the most vibrant part of the reef. On the other hand, at the Governor’s beach, a white buoy marks a coral reef where there would be much more friendly fish and maybe a few rays. At Marriott, one can get to check out 300 artificial reef balls installed in the water, which are now home to stunning marine life.
  • The Barrier Reef: This coral reef extends along the southern, eastern, and northern sides of the island. The barrier reef has a pretty high density of fish and coral and has many other types of marine life like stingrays, turtles, eels, and lobsters.
  • Bioluminescent Bay: This spot provides among the most unique snorkeling experiences in the Cayman Islands, if not the world. Here one can witness thousands of bright sparkles right in front of their mask at night.

While visiting the Cayman Islands through Capital Vacations and trying out snorkeling can be a great idea, one should always follow important safety measures while taking part in this activity. People should avoid snorkeling alone, not touch any marine life, and use flotation if needed. Individuals trying snorkeling for the first time must stay close to shore and be aware of boat traffic.

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