Let Know Complete Islamic Law on Wife Maintenance

Islamic Law on Wife Maintenance: Islamic law places a strong emphasis on the protection and well-being of women within the institution of marriage. One of the essential obligations of a husband in Islamic law is to provide maintenance (nafaqah) to his wife. This article explores the concept of maintenance in Islamic law, highlighting its significance, … Read more

Prepare Unmarried Certificate Documents For Overseas

Unmarried Certificate

Unmarried Certificate Application & Documents: The process of obtaining an unmarried certificate Application involves submitting the necessary documents to the designated government office or authority. These documents typically include proof of identity, such as a photocopy of a valid identification document like a passport or national identification card. Additionally, proof of date of birth is … Read more

Why the Divorce Certificate is Significant For Females After Divorce?

Why the Divorce Certificate is Significant for Females

Divorce Certificate is a significant life event that marks the legal dissolution of a marriage. It involves various legal proceedings and paperwork, one of which is the issuance of a divorce certificate. While the divorce certificate may seem like a mere document, it holds substantial importance both during and after the divorce process. In this … Read more

Unveiling the Trend: Why Are More Women in Lahore Seeking Divorce

Diovrce law in Pakistan

In recent years, Lahore, the cultural and economic hub of Pakistan, has witnessed a notable rise in the number of women seeking divorce. This shift in societal dynamics raises important questions about the factors contributing to this trend. This article aims to explore the underlying reasons behind why more women in Lahore are seeking divorce, … Read more

Importants of Divorce Law in Pakistan For Females

Diovrce law in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the divorce law holds significant importance, particularly for females, as it provides them with legal protection and safeguards their rights within the institution of marriage. This article aims to shed light on why the divorce law in Pakistan is crucial for females, emphasizing the impact it has on their empowerment, safety, and overall … Read more

Prepare Unmarried Certificate Application & Documents (2023)

Unmarried Certificate

Understanding the Unmarried Certificate: An unmarried certificate in Pakistan, also known as a single status certificate or celibacy certificate, is an official document issued by the government or authorized authorities. It serves as proof that an individual is not legally married or in a recognized domestic partnership. This document plays a vital role in various … Read more