All you need to know about roses are red violets are blue poems

We all must have heard that roses are red violets are blue poems and loved it. But the origins for the same are not very easy to find because these are much more older than we can actually think. Basically, the roses are red and the violets are blue poems is the name of the love poem as well as a children’s rhyme. 

So, roses are the small and little miracles, that can evoke all the sensational feelings inside the person with their fragrance. 

Basically, the roses are red violets are blue poems are one of the oldest and most wonderful nursery rhymes for the kids. It was published back in the year 1784 in gammer gurton’s garland. This particular publishing has a very closely interrelated meaning to the poem to the current scenario. 

This particular poem is considered to be one of the greatest and also most wonderful poems for the kids. It is also very famous among the kids. Because they usually enjoy singing this poem very much and it gives them interest as well. 

There are no hard words in the poem, which a kid can sing or pronounce very easily and comfortably. Along with the same, kids can learn as well as understand the poem very easily as well as without any difficulty. 

Versions of the poem

There are so many different as well as unique types of the versions are there of the roses are red violets are blue poems. Some of them are mentioned below in the article along with the original version. Have a look at the same.

Latest or the current version of the poem

The roses are known to be red

And violets to be blue in color

The honey is very sweet in taste 

And so you also are my dear 

You are my real love and 

I am all yours!

I want you to be my valentine 

For the rest of the years of my life

The plan was something else 

But then I found you 

And now I want it to be you 

Only you!

Original version 

Here is the original version of the roses are red violets are blue poems:

Roses are red in the color 

And violets are blue 

The sugar is sweet in the taste 

And so you also are 

Love version for the poem 

Here is the love version of the poem for you. Have a look at it.

Roses are red for you 

And violets are blue in the color for me 

You are very cute 

And therefore, I am falling in the love with you

Children’s version of the poem

Here is the children’s version of the roses are red violets are blue poems

Roses are blood red in the color

Violets are completely blue 

Cashews are the common nuts 

And you also taste delicious similar to them

Roses are red in the color

And violets are also properly blue 

Onions might stink 

And so you also do!

Fun Facts

Here are some questions and answers about the poem, that kids generally ask. Have a look at the same.

  1. 1 What color is a rose?
  2. 1 Rose is red in color.
  3. 2 Are violets blue in color?
  4. 2 The answer to the above question is yes!

Learning activity for kids

Here is the learning activity for your kids, which will be helpful in teaching them in a better way. Have a look at the same

  1. 1 Tell all the names of the things used in the poem
  2. 2 List all the colors that are used in the poem.

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Basically, in the roses are red violets are blue poems. The flowers are the little and small wonders or creatures of the world. They spread the sweet and interesting beauty and also the fragnance, which ultimately helps in awakeing all the senses of the human beings. 

We all have heard about the most of the famous poems in the world, which starts with roses are red and violets are blue. These are known to be a similar type of the poem for roses are red violets are blue poems. 

Along with the same, the poem was being written by the famous writer and author Gammer Gurton in his famous writing Garland back in the year 1784. 

These are the poems that are about the flowers that has been written for the centuries now. There is even nothing in the world as the poets that say it is more beautiful than the flower.

The roses are red violets are blue poems is known to be very interesting and very wonderful poem. These poems are liked by the people and kids in all across the globe.

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