6 Perks Of Using Custom Mailer Boxes

For centuries, customers and brands didn’t care about how their product packaging looked; the only thing that mattered to them was the safety of the product. After all this revolution in the packaging industry, the basics of product packaging have still not changed, but now the looks of the box matter. No matter how much this industry revolutionizes, the primary purpose of product packaging will remain the same, and that is to keep the product safe from any possible damage. 

There are hundreds of box styles to choose from, and it gets tough for brands to finalize the packaging box they will need for their products. Every brand needs packaging that can do wonders for them and packaging that should be versatile, and there is no other option than boxes. Custom Boxes are gaining popularity at a quick pace. 

This blog will tell you about the perks you get by using mailer boxes as your product packaging. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.


There are many reasons why brands prefer mailer boxes over other box styles, but one of the biggest reasons for using mailer boxes is their weight. Mailer boxes are mostly made from materials like cardboard, and these materials are sturdy but pretty lightweight. This means that the storage and shipping of mailer boxes become easy. 

As you know, shipping companies charge depending on the weight of the package, and mailer boxes can help you save a good portion of your money. Also, using mailer boxes in your physical stores will make the job easier for your customers because it is lightweight and easy to carry.


As we mentioned above, the primary purpose of product packaging is to protect the product from any possible damage. Mailer boxes are gaining popularity because they are one of the most robust, if not the most, packaging solutions available. 

Mailer boxes are only manufactured with solid materials like corrugated cardboard, and this material is also known as crush-proof. Plus, the flaps on these styles of boxes ensure that the contents don’t jump out of the box.


We are all aware of the health hazards our planet is facing. With each passing day, the situation is getting out of hand, and we all have to play our part in making this world a better place to live. Brands can play their part by using mailer boxes because they are made from eco-friendly materials like cardboard and don’t produce any waste. 

These boxes are also recyclable, which means that they will decompose after they have served their purpose. When you, as a brand, market your product in this manner, customers will prefer your brand over others because they are aware of the situation and prefer brands that do something good for everyone.


As a business owner, you always keep an eye on the money spent on your brand because if you don’t, the brand can get messed up. Many places drain your money, and the packaging costs are one of the biggest of the lot. Product packaging is crucial for every brand, and you can’t compromise on its quality. 

Quality packaging can cost a lot, but not with mailer boxes. Custom mailer boxes are made on order, which means that the packaging manufacturer won’t need a lot of raw material or man force to manufacture your product packaging. Also, mailer boxes are made from eco-friendly materials, which are cheaper than other top-tier packaging materials available in the market.

Freedom To Customize 

You might have a small product that doesn’t require big packaging like mailer boxes, but there are many size options you can choose from. The best part about mailer boxes is that they give you the freedom to customize like no other box can because this box has plenty of room. You get to decide everything that goes onto your printed mailer boxes, colour, packaging material, design, artwork, or fonts.

Marketing Tools 

The big boys of that specific industry dominate almost every industry globally. Starting a business is not a piece of cake because you, as a small brand, will have to compete with the big boys to reach a good status in the market. Your brand will never be able to fight with them regarding marketing campaigns because they have substantial capital reserves, but you can take the creative path. 

It has gotten tough to get noticed in the market because there are so many brands. Running marketing campaigns can cost you a ton of money, so you can use your custom mailer boxes to get your name out in the market. The second primary purpose of product packaging is to attract customers, and mailer boxes are great for doing that.

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