6 important artificial jewellery every bride must add to her list

Here is a list of important artificial jewellery that will make you appear beautiful and beautiful on your special day if you are a bride-to-be getting ready to wed the love of your life.

1. Maang Tikka 

First Maang Tikka on the bride’s forehead is a must-have accessory. Maang tikkas, which are worn at the portion of your hair, have an antique appeal that will transport you back to antiquity. You can choose a maang tikka by considering the shape of your forehead and the style you want. Maang tikkas come in a variety of shapes and designs. A thicker tikka will look gorgeous if your forehead is broad. If your forehead is smaller than average, a lighter maang tikka would look great and gorgeous. Maang tikkas are typically made to match the other artificial jewellery you wear. The Matha Patti, which has ornamented chains on both sides, would be an improvement above Maang Tikka.

2. Artificial jewellery necklace

The necklace is yet another essential piece of artificial jewellery for an Indian bride. A gorgeous traditional necklace can completely change the way you look. 

Despite creating your neck sparkle, a necklace improves your overall look. Depending on your ethnic jewellery set preferences and the general concept of your outfit, there are many different styles of necklaces available. Don’t forget to include these sorts on your list of must-have artificial jewellery set items because they lend a touch of ethereality to your entire ambiance.

3. Rani Haar

The name “rani haar” refers to a neckpiece used by queens. Long, regal neckpieces called raani haars to catch people’s attention. Rani haar is much longer and more regal than a necklace, and it has multiple layers and a pendant. They are frequently set with rubies, emeralds, or even diamonds and pearls. No Indian woman should pass up the chance to wear this magnificent chain of perfection on her wedding day since raani haar is a daring and distinctive piece of jewelry.

4.Earrings & artificial jhumkas

It’s important to cover your ears when wearing a stunning necklace or regal rani haar. While your earrings should match your necklace and other ethnic necklace sets, they don’t have to be large or outlandish. You must choose earrings that are lightweight enough for you to wear continually because you must wear them all day. After determining your jewellery wearing comfort, you can play around with the designs. Every bride needs to wear gorgeous earrings, and no matter how little you may think they contribute to the overall look, people will surely notice them.

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5.Kambarbandh / Waistbands 

The most attractive kundan wedding jewellery is waistband jewellery. They might be light or heavy, studded or embellished, and come in a range of lengths and designs. They round the waist and highlight your apparel and waistline. A stunning Kamar bandh is the most alluring piece of artificial jewellery since it complements sarees and lehengas while also enhancing the figure.

6. Hand harness/ hathphool

A hand harness and hathphool is a gorgeous item that is worn on the palm’s back. Madhuri Dixit will always be associated with dancing to Maar Daala while flapping her exquisitely jeweled palms in the air. The most beautiful pieces of imitation jewellery set ever created, hand harnesses adorn your fingers and encircle your palm. This is the most innovative piece of jewelry that would adorn the magnificent Indian bride, especially when paired with a matching ring and coordinated with the rest of the jewelry.

7. Anklet and toe rings 

Anklets are not only attractive but also ethnic and unearthly. Toe rings and anklets look astonishing on your delicate feet. Anklets are a feminine necessity since they lift your feet from common to heavenly when coupled with Mehendi and toe rings. In many cultures, toe rings define a woman’s marital status and are best for a women’s menstrual cycle.
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