4 Best VR Headsets For Virtual World Enthusiasts

Want to invest in VR headsets? If you are looking for the best VR headsets for yourself, then you are at the right place. This article contains all the required information, so keep reading this till the end. 

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, is a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology. Plus, along with a headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there. Or you can play a game as though you’re in it. VR has been gaining traction in the past few years thanks to compelling games and experiences. 

The best VR headset will take you into a digital wonderland without breaking immersion. Not only should the best VR headsets be comfortable and easy to use, but they must also be great value for money. With so many specs and features, it can be daunting seeking for a good VR headset. Especially without past experience with virtual reality technology. However, VR can also be seen as a niche gaming hobby. But still, it offers plenty of fun for enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Although, there’s a lot to get excited about in the future. 

Best VR Headsets: Our Best 4 Picks

After hours of research, we have compiled a list of a few brands that make VR headsets for PC games. These are comfortable and are very easy to use products. Have a look and clear your thoughts. 

1. Valve: Index

This Valve’s Index kit remains one of the best VR headsets solutions available on the market. At a reasonable price, you get this Index headset, Valve’s finger tracking controllers, and two SteamVR base stations. While you might have seen some higher resolution headsets arrive in the past two years. But this is still a very solid option, with a 1,440 by 1,600 pixel resolution. Plus, it offers an eye watering 144Hz refresh rate and a massive 130 degree field of view. You would gladly lose a few pixels to get a smoother and more expansive screen. As in result, this is still far beyond any other consumer headset.

However, as a Steam VR product, the Index needs to install two sensors at opposite corners of your room. And yes, of course, it’s wired to your PC. But this product is worth it for the higher refresh rate and more accurate tracking. Undoubtedly, with this option, you won’t face any inconvenience to get the truly best quality VR headsets gaming experience.

2. Pimax VR: 5K Super

This brand started back in November 2015. Pimax Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd was established first in Shanghai. Later, two branches were opened in Shenzhen, China, and Silicon Valley, United States. Pimax is the globe’s top virtual reality technology developer, product manufacturer, and interactive entertainment operator. Moreover, the brand’s Research and Development team has a collection of the top rate domestic engineers. A team that possesses a burning passion for the best virtual reality technology and technical pursuits. Also, Apply our Pimax Vr Coupon Code to enjoy further additional offers and benefits. 

Their 5k super is one of the best VR headsets they offer. This headset has a 5K HD resolution with 200° FOV Fresnel lenses. Also, it supports up to 180Hz ultra high refresh rate, plus SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking support. Therefore it is very comfortable and features an ergonomic design. While the brand’s vision is to become a global VR and AR industry leader. They are also striving hard for their mission to help humanity exceed its limits through the use of technology. However, the value that the brand puts the user first by delivering the best experience possible. While following their slogan to go where no one has ever gone before.

3. HP: Reverb G2

The HP’s Reverb G2 is a Windows Mixed virtual reality headset that deserves its own section. It was manufactured in cooperation with Valve, who contributed lenses and Index style near field speakers to the design. Their best VR headsets, ‘ Reverb G2’, have a high resolution display of 2160 x 2160 for each eye. They are specially designed to offer excellent clarity. However, the 90Hz refresh rate here doesn’t quite compare to the Index’s 120Hz or 144Hz modes. The controllers have also been redesigned from the previous generation of WMD designs. While eliminating the trackpad in favour of two extra face buttons to more closely resemble Oculus Rift controllers. These upgrades must make this the best Windows Mixed Virtual Reality headset ever.

4. Oculus: Quest 2

Surprisingly, the Oculus Quest 2 replaces both the original Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S. By default, it’s an outstanding VR headset with a fast mobile phone processor inside. This allows it to connect to the internet and download apps or games. However, playing VR untethered is a great experience. While even the graphical fidelity of mobile titles doesn’t quite measure up to what you can produce with even a mid-range gaming PC. 

Besides this, for wired PC play, you will need to buy a high spec USB C cable. Either the genuine fibre optic Oculus Link cable or one of several (much cheaper) traditional USB C cables.

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