10 Best wordpress theme detector

The most widely used content management system (CMS) on the planet is WordPress. Due to the fact that so many websites use the WordPress platform, it is practically impossible to navigate the internet without running upon one. Because there are so many themes and plugins available, there are countless ways to customize a site, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular.

What WordPress theme is that? When we come across a fantastic website design, we often find ourselves asking this question as well.

The wordpress theme detector is the tool you need if you want to know which WordPress theme a website is using. In order to determine precisely which WordPress theme a website is running, it automatically examines the source code of those websites.

How to tell if a site was made with wordPress?

There are three main ways to determine whether a website makes use of the well-known CMS:

Check the footer

In some cases, the footer will contain this information. If you don’t find any reference to WordPress there, view the page’s source code (CTRL + U) and use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut to search the text for “wp-content.”

This fact is supported by instances of “wp-content” in the source code.

Manual theme and plugin detection

You can check a page’s source code (remember CTRL + U) and verify for yourself. Index.php and style.css are two files every WordPress theme requires to function. You can see what the theme’s name is in the style.css file. To find the plugins utilized on a WordPress site, do a search for “wp-content/plugins.”

You can find the link to it by performing a quick Google search using the title you’ve found.

Using a theme detector for WordPress

wordpress theme detector is a free tool or website that allows you to enter any URL and determine whether a WordPress theme is active on the page. Here is a list of the best detectors in case you’re wondering where to find the necessary detecting tool.

Best wordpress theme detector


You can easily identify important details about the theme being used on any WordPress website with Kinsta’s free wordpress theme detector, including the theme title and version number, the theme URL, and the edition of WordPress being used to run it.

WordPress Theme Detector

This theme detector is awesome not just for its user-friendly interface but also for the way it displays the themes that are found. You only need to input the URL of the website you’re interested in since the tool is online. The wordpress theme detector offers attractive slide-out sections that provide useful information about the creator in order to display the theme it discovered.


Another online tool for determining the theme & plugins that a WordPress website is using is called ScanWP. Along with the name, URL, and creator of the theme, it also offers details like the cost, a description, the hosting company, a screenshot, and a list of plugins that are currently active on the website.

The fact that ScanWP displays further samples of other websites utilizing the detected theme is one of its many amazing features. Through interaction with SEMrush, it also provides SEO and traffic information about the website you’re inspecting.

What WordPress Theme Is That

This is an unique online tool created to find out which WordPress theme a specific website is using. Enter the URL of the website you want to check into the search field on the tool’s page. This is one of the best wordpress theme detector.

What WordPress Theme Is That will identify the parent theme in addition to the main theme (if any). Additionally, it extends beyond themes and gives you a list of the plugins that particular site is using. This won’t identify themes created for other platforms because it is only for WordPress, unlike WhatTheme.


It is far more practical to use Wappalyzer than to open another window to quickly study the framework or platform of a webpage.

You also need to install the Wappalyzer extension on your browser. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are compatible with it.


You can find out what CMS a website uses by using whatCMS. If you want to go one step further, you can visit its Tech Reports tab to find out about the top-ranking top-level domain market share or even the language market share.

Theme Detector

Theme Detector is perhaps the simplest wordpress theme detector tool we’ve covered thus far. Only the name of a theme and a direct link to the theme’s web page are provided. Additionally, it indicates whether or not a website is using a custom theme. Although it does provide the name of the parent theme, it doesn’t appear to be able to recognize child themes.


For WordPress bloggers and freelancers, CodeinWP is an invaluable resource. They can use it to assist with anything wordpress theme detector related. The tool is fairly straightforward and focuses on assisting you in learning what theme a specific website is utilizing.

The result appears in a very pretty way. You will see the theme name, URL, author, author URL, version, description, tags, and license in the output. It is a straightforward tool that can be useful if all you want are the theme specifics without being sidetracked by the plugins section.

Satori Studio

Satori Studio is a website designed to assist website owners in developing, optimizing, and promoting their websites by working with specialists in the field. On the right side of the website, the outcome will be displayed instantly. There are no advertisements at all.

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IsItWP is more than just a plugin and wordpress theme detector. Its primary purpose is to inform you of a site’s WordPress compatibility. Additionally, you can learn more about the host, theme, plugins, and other topics.

Their interface is really straightforward. You only need to enter the domain and press the Analyze Website button to see the results. You will immediately see information about the website and the hosting company. Following that, you will discover information on the website’s theme.

The plugins that are used on the website are located after that. Additionally, there are links to reviews of the plugins that are offered on their website as well as download links for the plugins.

It’s an easy to use but effective wordpress theme detector. They connect to their website whenever there are links to reviews that are already available, which may irritate you a little. If you are unfamiliar with the theme or plugin and want to learn more about whether it is suitable for your website or not, it might be helpful. 

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